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I'm 5'7,and Thin. I'm getting High profile,Saline...

I'm 5'7,and Thin. I'm getting High profile,Saline Implants,Under the muscle.
At first I was going for 375 (R) & 350 (L) Since my right breast is slightly bigger then my left.
My goal is to become a FULL C cup. Now I know you do lose some what when going under the muscle and I know implants look a lot smaller then natural breast with the same size Cup. I'm and A cup right now, and after doing some research and before and after photos I realize that my first choice is rather small, I'm now looking at 400cc's-425cc's, I would like to know if I can pull off 450cc'ss that would be my limit.

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf. You have a beautiful body and I hope this makes you that much more confident. Here's what some doctors have to say about implant size versus cup size. Hope it helps!

I'm having my surgery the same day as you. I'm going a little smaller though. I think the PS should be able to help you make a better decision. What day is your pre-op?
Jan,8th ! I just updated :)

12/21/12 Hey everyone ! Well my...


Hey everyone !

Well my consultation was Nov.28 and I tried on the 375 Moderate implants because he didn't have HP at the time.
But after looking at before/after photos of girls that are thin and same height as me with 375 HP saline implants that started with and A cup I realized it was just too small,plus I didn't really like them when I tried them ,i should have said something then but I don't know why i just didn't.
and I know implants look smaller then real breast with the same size cup.

I had emailed him saying I wanted to go bigger then planned and if I can try on sizer's again when I go for my
pre-op which is Jan.8th and discuss size, I was thinking of buying a 38C cup Bra and taking it to my pre-op and tell him if we can find the implant that fills that bra haha and maybe go 25 more cc's because I'm going under the muscle and you lose a bit more.
Hi, Marie. You’ll look great in any of those sizes! I am a little confused. You appear to be scheduled already. What does your PS have to say and do you trust him/her? Do you know your base diameter? Definition of cup size is all over the board as you'll learn on this site. Please check out countrycutiekentucky on realself at http://www.realself.com/review/bluegrass-plastic-surgery-breast-augmentation-ah-nerveous-excited#comment-606235. I think she was 5' 7", and appears to have a smaller, tighter chest than you. She looks great but wishes she had gone bigger. When I asked, she didn't know her base diameter but was limited to 375cc (I think HP). I will post my pictures soon, but I think that I was smaller than you (32 AA) and wanted to get to a full C best case (which based on my definition is a Victoria Secret 34C or about a 32D). I hoped 375/350 would get me there. I am two days post op. Pre surgery, doctor thought I would end up 350/350, 350/325, or possibly (but unlikely) my preferred 375/350. He (and many other doctors) set my expectation early on 425/400 would be way too tight (and many doctors on Realself warned me they were probably too big for my frame). You look fairly narrow, so I’m curious if your doctor thinks he can fit a 425 or 450. In the end, all my wondering even about 375/350, etc became a moot point since they wouldn’t fit! During surgery, they tried 350 sizers and were way too tight and also wouldn’t look good. I ended up at 325/300 (to handle assymetry similar to yours) but they came real close to going 300/275. Of the 6 doctors I saw, only one told me he was confident that I would not fit a 350 and probably not even a 325 (he was steering me towards 300/275 HP). The girls right now are sitting very high, and I am overall very happy with the result and think that I'll end up a full VS 32C cup (so on my small frame 300cc will have brought me up two full cup sizes). There is a larger space between my breasts than I wanted, but I do have side boob :-). BTW, I am only 5'1" 103lbs. My gut tells me that you have more breast to start with than me and thant Country Cutie (i.e. 375/375 may put you larger than her picture) and maybe the doc can squeeze in a larger implant. IMO, you will look great with the 400-425cc's (and 425/450). If I had your body [of course just based on your picture], I would definitely have gone 425/400 or even 450/425 because I could go for being at least a ½ cup size bigger, which would be 75 cc more on my frame. Good Luck! PS. I went silicone allergan series 20 HP
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