25 y.o. 103 lbs. and 5"0 ft, No Children -- Finally Doing It After 6 Years of Planning! - Beverly Hills, CA

After 6 years of preparation, I am finally getting...

After 6 years of preparation, I am finally getting silicone boobies from the best doctor that I could find and afford. Note that I am from waaaaaay out-of-state (live in Boston, but doc is in Beverly Hills), so my experience is different. My first consultation was online. Dr. Kim wanted to verify that I would be a good candidate for surgery. My next consult will be the day before surgery, July 7. Although I have not spoken to Dr. Kim directly, he has a very nice and responsive patient coordinator who keeps up with my questions until my next consultation. I still have 2 more months to go, but I am relentless in my preparation. I will keep everyone updated. Wish me luck!

Finally did it!!!

First surgery of the week! At 9:30am on Tuesday, I got 339cc silicone mod-profile implants placed submuscular with a periaeolar incision.

Boobie Update #1

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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how are you feeling with new breast?
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My surgery date is just a few days after yours on July 11, 2014. So excited but also scared! I'm coming from northern California and so did my initial consultation by email also. I feel like I'm crazy to put so much trust in a doctor I haven't met but from all the research I've done, he appears to be the best!?!?
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I hope everything went well! Keep me posted.
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I just had my pre-op appointment last week and my surgery is May 22nd! I'm so excited but also super nervous about the results! I just keep reminding myself Dr. Kim does amazing work. Good luck to you!
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Excited for you!! Dr. Kim has beautiful results, I've seen several of his patient videos online.
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