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After 6 years of preparation, I am finally getting...

After 6 years of preparation, I am finally getting silicone boobies from the best doctor that I could find and afford. Note that I am from waaaaaay out-of-state (live in Boston, but doc is in Beverly Hills), so my experience is different. My first consultation was online. Dr. Kim wanted to verify that I would be a good candidate for surgery. My next consult will be the day before surgery, July 7. Although I have not spoken to Dr. Kim directly, he has a very nice and responsive patient coordinator who keeps up with my questions until my next consultation. I still have 2 more months to go, but I am relentless in my preparation. I will keep everyone updated. Wish me luck!
My surgery date is just a few days after yours on July 11, 2014. So excited but also scared! I'm coming from northern California and so did my initial consultation by email also. I feel like I'm crazy to put so much trust in a doctor I haven't met but from all the research I've done, he appears to be the best!?!?
I just had my pre-op appointment last week and my surgery is May 22nd! I'm so excited but also super nervous about the results! I just keep reminding myself Dr. Kim does amazing work. Good luck to you!
Excited for you!! Dr. Kim has beautiful results, I've seen several of his patient videos online.

Finally did it!!!

First surgery of the week! At 9:30am on Tuesday, I got 339cc silicone mod-profile implants placed submuscular with a periaeolar incision.
I hope everything went well! Keep me posted.

Boobie Update #1

how are you feeling with new breast?
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