Dr. Ghavami, Need ADVICE! - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello Ladies!!! I am so happy that there is this...

Hello Ladies!!! I am so happy that there is this support system as i am starting my journey.
I am been actively researching Dr. Ghavami's work and reviews and I keep on yielding toward Jimerson and Salama. I live in LA so it's important to be local as i would feel most at ease. But i read comments that two of his jobs reabsorbed :(
I can't risk that since he's asking for so much :'(
Please if anyone has had there BBL with him and would care to share their experience and photos aside from the ones on RealSelf, PLEASE share. I'm confused!!!
Thanks so much ladies!!!


Nicki is right. You need to feel comfortable with the MD who will be performing your surgery. Make sure the PS listens to you and know exactly what you want success stories and photos to support your decision. Peace of mind is so bliss..
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hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood, and secondly go with your gut. if you feel you want another dr, then go ahead, you have no idea how many of us are traveling to other states

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