I am a 29 y.o. mother of 3 kids. 5'6" and 158 lbs...

I am a 29 y.o. mother of 3 kids. 5'6" and 158 lbs (had to gain weight for surgery). Measurements 34-39-41 (on July 06,2012) 3 days before surgery. I tend to carry all the fat in my mid section (eewww!! nasty!!) I have been wanting a big butt ever since having my 3rd child, like 6 years now. I am looking for a natural looking, perky, round, bootylicious =)

I was dissapointed to learn that neither the lab work, meds or post-op compression garment was included in the price =/. I mean for $12,000 you would expect everything to be included. But oh well, I dont really like argueing over these kinds of things. I just hope they did not take me for a fool =(  If you have no insurance to cover lab work, they will do them at their office for an extra $150-$200. Between prescribed meds and the medications you are advised to take 2 weeks before surgery, expect to spend an extra $90-$120. I have not had my surgery yet, but I know the compression garment is another $140-$200... So the bills keep adding up. I hope no other expenses come up... Gosh, with 3 kids and the hubby being the only one working, I cannot afford anything more... LOL

Hey good luck on your surgery! When are you scheduled for??
cant wait see the results!

So I am now 2 days post op. Had my surgery on...

So I am now 2 days post op. Had my surgery on Monday July 9th, 2012. The pain is not that bad, is kinda like soreness you have when you work out but hadnt done so in years!! LOL Obviously the most pain is felt in the buttocks where the fat was injected. But nothing narcotics and I cant handle >.< hahahahah... I have had a really hard time sleeping and just being on my belly has me very frustrated. I feel much better walking around than laying down. After getting home from surgery, I wasnt feeling weak, dizzy nor nauseous. I was feeling really good, much more than I expected. I dont know if it was the 2 week preparation prior to the surgery that made the difference, but I was sure to follow my doctors instructions and take all the vitamins they recommended. I got one of those female urinal to urinate in since I am terrified of sitting. >_< I havent really gotten hungry these past 2 days. I have mostly had water, pineapple juice, club crackers, jello and a little bit of oatmeal. I just try to eat something when I take my meds since I dont want to get sick in the stomach and trow up.

I did not give the doctor the full 5 STARS just...

I did not give the doctor the full 5 STARS just because right before the surgery, we talked and I told him I wanted at least 800cc on each cheek. I was not looking to have a huge booty. As a mother of 3 kids and having a conservative husband, I prefer a more natural looking butt. Something just full, nicely shaped and perky. Yesterday that I went for my first post-op visit, he told me he injected 660cc on one cheek and 720cc on the other (on my initial consultation he had already told me one cheek was a bit fuller than the other). I still dont know if the amount of cc's he put in will be enough to get the results that I was looking for. Shoot I better!!! LOL But as I touch my booty, I love how it feels. I love the shape it has, so I am hoping it stays this way! I will try to take a picture today, although I am covered in epifoam under my compression garment, so it might not look like much of a difference.
Hey girl,
Good luck on starting your journey
Thx, I am 2 days post-op and this recovery process got on my nerves already. Ugh!!
I can't equity to be post op...lol I want this too bad...how do you feel? Happy healing

So I took my first shower on Friday (4 days after...

So I took my first shower on Friday (4 days after surgery) and I must admit I was terrified of taking off the compression garment and looking at myself and also because the doctor had mentioned that I might get light-headed. So anyways, I decided to shower since it was only my husband and I at home, (my cousin had taken my kids out to dinner) this way all his attention was on me and our baby would not be getting in the way >.< So I take off the garment and to my surprise, I am loving how I look and its only been 4 days post op. My body is covered in huge, dark, nasty bruses since I had lipo on my arms, abs, flanks, inner thighs and back. Ugh! It was kinda devastating to see me like this. I felt embarrased with my hubby having to look at me like this =( He said my butt looked too big and that he hopes it goes down a little which I think it will since I am still very swollen and it hadnt even been a week. I showered and used the same antibacterial soap I used prior to the surgery, after showering my hubby put some antibiotic ointment on my incisions and covered them with a bandaid. From the time I took off the garments, the foam, the surgical baindaids, showered and covered the incisions again about 1 hr had passed. At this point I was feeling VERY light-headed. Everything started getting dark, I placed my towel in my bed and layed on my belly for about 10 mins. After this I told my hubby to hurry up and get me into my garment again since I was starting to swell up. It was hard for him to get me into it again but he did. What a relieve!! I am still wearing my epifoam 24/7 under my compression garment and plan to do so for another week or so. Overall I am feeling great!!! I am soooo glad I got the urinal, its been a life saver... Also, I have to mention my hubby made this "special bed" for me so that I can lay on my back but have my buttocks hang out (he is such a great husband) since I told him I am fed up with laying on my tummy all the time. Although I have not slept so well, this bed has helped so much. I worry since its been almost a week and I have not had a bowel movement =( I dont really want to anyways, but I know I should!! LOL
It sound like its a nice booty just a bit swollen. Your hubby is the bomb and he really loves you. Do share the recipe for this "buttless" bed....LOL. Im sure all would like to hear it in preparation for our big day!
Congratulations! I hope you're feeling better soon.

So its exactly 7-Days post op. I am feeling great....

So its exactly 7-Days post op. I am feeling great. The pain is almost nothing now. I just uploaded pictures of the bed my hubby made for me so that I can lay on my back and have my booty hang out, and I must say this has helped me sooooo much. Also, I uploaded a picture of the Female Urinal which to me is a MUST!!! The pictures of me dont show much of a difference because I am covered in Epifoam. I have it on my inner thighs, my arms, back and stomach, so dont think I ended up as thick as I started. Also, you might not notice a huge difference in my booty because like I said, I was not looking for a huge booty from the start. I just wanted a full, round, perky butt which I think I got. I did not get as many cc's as many of the other ladies here that got anywhere from 1000-1400cc per cheek. I only got 720cc on one cheek and 660cc on the other. My husband says it looks too big and hopes it goes down a little, which I think it will. Overall, my body looks very different without all the foam and garment even though you guys might not see it. I will try and take pictures soon without the garment and upload them. I must also say the skin in my stomach feels a bit loose, nothing drastic that I think wont get better with time. It sort of feels like it did after I gave birth LOL... Oh and before I forget, today I finally had a bowel movement. I was so scared but thank God it went well. >.< Also, the brusing is getting so much better.
I sent a personal message to you....Happy healing!
Thx... I just answered it.
I am praying that after the absorption period and all the swelling goes away, I am happy with the results. Like I meantioned, he only injected 720cc on one cheek and 660cc on the other. I was looking for a huge butt like some that I have seen here. I just wanted a full, round, perky butt. So as of right now, I am happy with what I have seen so far =). The bed, well its just a headboard of an old bed, he just made a hole on it for my booty to hang out... I will post a picture, dont really know how to explain. After he brought it in, we just put some blankets and pillows on each end to make it commfortable... =)

So yesterday I had my 10-day post op visit. Dr.G...

So yesterday I had my 10-day post op visit. Dr.G says I look amazing and it will only get better with time. I had my stitches removed and everything seems to be going great. My bruises are 90% gone and I am still sore all over but not too much, on a scale from 1-10 I would say a 3 on my body and a 5 on my butt =) Took measurements today also, 36-34-43 (oops I made a mistake when I wrote down my initial measurements) So I went down 5 inches around my waist and gained 2 inches around my booty/hips. Its a huge difference and I am loving the results so far. I just hope my booty doesnt shrink so much since its only been 10 days post-op.

So its been 12 days since my surgery. I have been...

So its been 12 days since my surgery. I have been feeling great and full of energy since yerterday. I just uploaded some pictures with my new compression garment without all the epifoam. And also some pictures with some clothes on. Its still way too early to see my final results but I am happier and happier as time goes by.
Great informative pics...thank you
You look amazing! All the docs I've consulted in Bev. Hills so far don't use drains either. Different technique here I guess.
I am really happy you posted about him, I am scheduled to have surgery next month with this Dr. It looks like your results will be great :) Does Dr. Ghavami use drains?

So today is exactly 2 weeks post op. To celebrate...

So today is exactly 2 weeks post op. To celebrate that Im feeling so good, I decided to go out shopping!! =D I decided to wear that green summer dress on the pictures I just uploaded. I loooove my new curves (so does my hubby, he cant keep his hands of my booty) LOL >.< . While wearing that green dress, I had my beige compression garment underneath with epifoam on my lower back and my stomach. I was going to wear it without the garment but I am still sore in my mid section and it feels like if with every move I make without my garment, my skin/muscles get stretched/twisted, I dont know how to explain the sensation, it just feels weird I guess since it only been 2 weeks.
Would you look amazing!! Thanks for loading up more pics........... I can't imagine how you'll look when you're all healed .............. I would like to know where did you get the second garment and the epifoam?
Sorry I ment Wow lol
Thx shorty7.. I feel great!! After surgery, you are basically wraapped in epifoam (I had 8 pieces all over my body: 2-arms, 2-thighs, 2-flanks, 1-lower back, 1 tummy). And the second garment you get it at their office 10-14days after surgery.

So its been 17 days post op and today I went in...

So its been 17 days post op and today I went in for my Dermosonic treatment which will help disminish/disolve the scarring tissue. I dont think Im the only one with this problem, as I know this is very common after lipo and somewhat uncomfortable. I feel it on certain parts of my body and it feels nasty. Like hard, thick bumps =( Im so glad I got this done. The 1hr session is $175 and its well worth the price. I might go in again next Friday depending on how Im feeling. I got this done at this place in Beverly Hills called "Per Amore" on Camden Dr. Overall, Im feeling great. I see my waist shrinking and my butt has remained the same =)
Those jeans look great on you!
Thx nellima, those are my favorite jeans =) (Lucky Brand size 28) I hadn't been able to wear them for a while before my surgery and now the look sooo nice. They look even better in person than in this picture ^_~
That bed is ingenious, I was thinking of doing something similar. And cutting out the butt part of a beach recliner to take around with me to my friends' place.
I'm goingto look into the dermosonic technique u mentioned as well.
Looking good, and I'm jealous you didn't have to use drains lol (9not looking forward to that at all)

So I am 3 weeks post op today. Nothing has changed...

So I am 3 weeks post op today. Nothing has changed much. My bruises are barely noticeable now. My measurements are the same. Just one thing that I have to say because I know this was a important question to me that I wish I wouldve found answers to... I am still a bit sore in certain parts of my body but 2 weeks and 2 days after my surgery I was intimate with my husband and I must say "it was not the business!!" LOL >_< It was hard trying to avoid any contact with my butt that I honestly did not feel any pleasure, plus I had my compression garment on, and it gives sooo much pressure to my vajayjay (not to mention it is still a bit swollen and very sensitive) that it was just no fun at all =/ So again last night we were intimate, this time it was after a hot shower and a full body massage and I must say that it wasnt as great as it could be, but it was better than the last time we tried ~.^ I would recommend girl on top, that way you have control of the pressure you wanna put on your booty. Sorry if anyone gets offended with this post but I just had to write a little review about this topic >.< Also, I wanted to say that I started sitting on my butt 2 days ago for like 20-30 mins at a time (maybe 2 per day since I started). It still feels a bit uncomfortable, like if my skin is getting stretched out to the maximum, but I have to lose fear to sitting =) I uploaded 2 pictures of my booty without the garment. One is how I ride in the car when we go out LOL =) Well BBL sisters, thats all for today.
I just saw your pictures and you should really try to get as much fat as possible in there =) I think 800cc or maybe even 900cc will be ideal. The bed he made me helped me soooo much, thx. Well good luck to you =)
Hi sacramento gurlie44, thx for your comment and good luck to you. I think 500cc will not be enough, you should tell the Dr. you want anywhere from 700-800cc so that it can make a difference. I asked for at least 800cc and like I said before I only got 660cc on one & 720cc on the other. It made a difference of course, but I still wish I would've gotten what I asked for. My butt and body are really nicely shaped but I think those few extra cc's would've made me happier. My hubby says I'm crazy and that I look super hot LOL Can't wait to see your results. Will you be going with Dr.Ghavami for your BBL??
Im going to Dr David Kaufman in Folsom...he did a gurl here on this site...and she looks amazing.....He told me i didnt have enough fat,but i did gain some weight,he is taking it from my upper abdomen,which looks bigger now..lol..my flanks,they are bigger too..lol and my inner thighs...i really wish i can have more,but i dont want to get my hopes up,but i will ask him to please stufff my booty till it cant take no more!!...lol...so before my eyes close,thats what i will be saying,cuz i do see a lot more fat on me now,especially on my bak now..i have to be there @ 6am..Mon morning...surgery at 7....wish me luck...but i think your butt looks really good..you also had more butt than me to begin with...so you know i need all those cc...lol.....i will keep you posted....i love your bed that your hubby made for you....

4 WEEK UPDATE: Just wanted to upload some pictures...

4 WEEK UPDATE: Just wanted to upload some pictures. I also took my measurements and lost 1/2 in around my waist and 1 1/2in around hips/booty =( Ugh!! That made me suuuuper sad. Is this normal??? Current measurements 36-32 1/2-41 1/2. Could this be correct?? Well I took my measurements sso it has to... 41 1/2 in around my hips/booty??? Thats only 1/2 more than what I was before my surgery!!! D= My body looks amazing while wearing my garment but Im not so happy with it when I dont have it on. I have seen a few people and nobody has said "WOW LOOK AT THAT BOOTY!!" not even my kids that see me everyday have mentioned my butt looks big =( Ugh, today has not been so great after taking my measurements... What do you guys think? Is there a noticeable difference?? **All new pictures starting with the one with the black bra & gray thong are all without my garment on**
I hope you are doing well, your body is continuously looking better and better! You seem to be healing very well, how was your diet before and after surgery? In the paperwork I received from the office, it says a diet low in salt and carbohydrates is ideal for pre & post op. Did you follow these guidelines?
Hi Carly101, I followed a low in salt diet and lots of water the first two weeks after that I've been eating the same >.< I am Mexican and can't stop eating our delicious food =)

So today I hit the 6-week mark... and I must say...

So today I hit the 6-week mark... and I must say that I am sooooo dissappointed with my results. My butt seems to keep shrinking day by day =( This has me sooooo depressed that I am honestly crying daily and keeping myself isolated. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and think that I payed $12,000 and still look like shit!! These minimal I couldve gotten doing squats =/ I decided after many years that plastic surgery would be the only answer to my tiny butt since diet and exercise were not giving me the results that I was looking for. What a big mistake... I can honestly say my dream has become a nightmare. I feel so sad and guilty that I made my husband spend this kind of money for nothing. The Dr advised me to give it time... Time for what I ask??? But ok, I will give it 3 months like he said. I dont believe a miracle will happen and make my butt full, give me hips and projection, but ok, I will wait. I honestly dont know what step I will be taking after the 3 month mark. All I know is that I feel worse than how I started... I am crying almost everyday, I am yelling at my kids/hubby for no reason due to this frustration I feel...Ugh!! Its seriously too much. Im even gonna have to go see my family doctor because my husband is getting worried that I do something stupid. I hope she gives me something for this anxiety and depression. I will upload pictures until my 3 month mark... and keep you posted as to what the Dr says.
U look good ., big difference from ur pre op.. give it time ..
Just checking to see how ur doing,hope all is well with you....
It's looking better!! :)

Super quick review since I said I wouldn't update...

Super quick review since I said I wouldn't update until I reached my 3-month mark... Just wanted to say everything is still the same. I am still disappointed with my results as the amount my doctor decide to put in (660 & 720ccs) didn't really make a difference. I love how he sculpted my body but the reason I decided on having this surgery was to have a BIG BUTT not a small waist. I will update in one month. Will upload pictures until then.

No picture update... Just wanted to say Dr.Ghavami...

No picture update... Just wanted to say Dr.Ghavami is def not the man for the job. I regret going to him and spending so much money for nothing. I have complained to him and he gives me all kinds of excuses as to why he didnt inject more fat in my butt and why my stomach looks exactly like it did before surgery. He has no idea what a woman wants when it comes to butts. He believes injecting more than 700ccs is not going to look good on nobody so he will just put in whatever he feels like putting in. He truly sux!!! And on top of it all he is upset at me because I havent given him a "thank you" and are not grateful for these mediocre results!! WTF!!

I really didnt want to upload pictures anymore but...

I really didnt want to upload pictures anymore but I have to just so my BBL sisters who are considering Dr.G have an idea what to expect. The last picture I uploaded is Before and After (2 1/2 months after). Butt is still small and stomach still fat!! Mediocre results and he is upset at me for not being thankful!! Pffft... He is a joke!

So sorry to hear
Sorry things didn't come out as you wish would you consider a second round outside us is much cheaper i've seen great results. :-)
Thanks for providing honest feedback. This is so helpful for others trying to find a Dr.

1 1/2 year post op- Dr.Ghavami Beverly Hills, Ca

Did not want to do an update but if my review can stop at least one person from going to Ghavami, I will be happy...
So it has been about a year and a half since my surgery and I am where I was from day one. Extremely disappointed, unhappy, depressed, sad... I saw another surgeon who will be performing a revision bbl because i cannot live like this. In my consultation with this other surgeon, he pointed out to me that my right butt cheeck was noticeably smaller and it had two dents :( I had her this from my 11 year old daughter and when i would ask my husband he would say NO! I guess he did not want me feeling worse than how i feel. You guys can imagine how terrible i feel. My self-esteem is worse than before getting my BBL :( *sigh
And yes, i still cry myself to sleep sometimes just thinking about this.
I will try and upload recent pictures soon. Take care BBL sisters!!!
I am really sorry sister...hope this doctor can give you your self-esteem back...try popular docs this time round....and sk to see their work it will help you decide and at lest a couple of reviews. Hope this doc can give you what you want...i will be following your journey
I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through. I hope you get your wish the second time around. You're truly blessed for having a loving family that supports you. Good luck and cheer up. I'm getting mine with dr Hughes in two days!
Hi Newwme14, I will also have Dr.Hughes do my revision BBL. I have seen his work in person and he is an amazing surgeon. Good luck to you! Can't wait to see your post op pictures.


I don't even know why I have this need to write this on Realself but Ugh! Today is one of those days where I am feeling so depressed :( I look at my body, cry and wish I could grab a knife and just cut off every part that depresses me when I look at them!! I tried dressing up to go have lunch with my husband, tried on a dress and when I looked at my butt, seeing how small and disgusting it still is made me break out in tears and just couldn't finish getting ready... Had to cancel my lunch date with the hubby and now I'm just here alone in my room writing this update :( I'm sorry BBL sisters, this is how I feel and can't help it!!


Damn hunnie I am sooooo sorry u had to go through that I am feeling the exact same way about my bbl but I am giving it some time. Hope ur bbl revision is exactly wat u dreamed of !!! I'm starting to consider a bbl revision myself .... So frustrating. I mean I loveeeeee my Tt and lipoescultura results my belly button is flawless my Tt scar is amazingly thin and my recovery was awesome (I'm 14 days post op) she stated she injected 1000 cc on each butt cheek and if that's the case I must have been flatter than I thought
I am So sorry you are so unhappy with your results. I can totally sympathize with how you must feel. I am getting my bbl done in 4 weeks with Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta, and I would be feeling the exact same way as you are feeling if thier was no difference afterwards. My husband would be so disappointed in me for spending so much money on nothing. Trying to convince my husband to let me do this whole surgery has been the hardest part of my journey so far. I hope you can find someone who can give you the results you are wanting. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us. You have helped others. Thank you!
You're welcome Cali90210.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Very simple... Ghavami sucks! Doesn't care about his patients. Just wants your money!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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