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Expect to Pay Forever - Beverly Hills, CA

Forehead botox - to erase crease & wrinkles...

Forehead botox - to erase crease & wrinkles above/between brows. It certainly removed the creases (for the most part) but within 3-4 months the benefit was gone. Estimated $450-500 each time for the botox. Additionally, be prepared to spend more $ to have your eyebrows 'lifted' with another filler, or you run the risk of your brows drooping from the botox injection. So, more like $1500-2000 about annually for both, & another $900-1000/year for interim botox injections (the eyebrow filler, Restylyne, juvaderm, etc. lasts a year+). I did it several times over several years & have stopped. Unless you are prepared to shell out $,every few months, then I wouldn't bother. A brow lift, while much costlier, would also eliminate the lines, raise the forehead & brows, & last many years. Adding it up you end up spending less & getting more.

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The doctor is great - it's the product that is overrated. I chose him because he performed other work on me previously.

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I had a horrific alierglc reaction to this product. As soon as I applied it, my eyes got red, puffy, and teary, and the skin around my eyes just burned. I was able to return it for a full refund, which was nice. I don't know what is in this product that didn't agree with me, but beware if you have sensitive skin/eyes like I do!

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Its good you realized Botox wasn't the right choice for you. I can understand your point about the brow lift costing less over the long haul, but I think one of the main benefits people like with Botox is you can kind of push off the wrinkles & creases instead of letting them build and going for a surgery then looking noticeably different afterwards. Is that a concern for you at all, or does it not really matter too much?

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I don't care if the improvement is 'significant' at once. I'm beyond being overly concerned with others' opinion. IF the work is done well the change still looks natural.
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It certainly sounds like you have come to a good choice for yourself. You might already be aware, but we have an entire community dedicated to brow lifts, so if you do decide to do it jump over there to hear others experiences and get some support. :)

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