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Im a 35 year-old male who had fat injections in...

Im a 35 year-old male who had fat injections in face. After reading some reviews I'm starting to get worried although I have no early signs (2 weeks) of complications. I wish I had done my research on real self before the procedure. Im worried that my face will be disproportionate in time as the fat is absorbed. I was wondering how long I should wait before doing a midface lift. Should I wait a certain period of time?


Its been five weeks. Doctor did a solid job but I wish I had waited until my forties. I feel like a chubbier version of myself. I dont look any younger although I have more volume and look as though i gained weight. My cheeks seem to be retaining the fat although I prefer that the fat dissolves. I would not recommend that any one younger than 40 05 45 gets fat injections. Its too soon in my opinion. Id be better off getting a mini lift or midface lift
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It's been nearly 6 weeks. Some of the fat is going...

It's been nearly 6 weeks. Some of the fat is going away and I simply wish I did not do this. Im actually hoping most of it dissolves, but this procedure is a waste of money especially if u are still in your thirties. I looked better before and feel that I threw away 4500.00. I might as well have had a surgical procedure with that money. A lesson well learned. I normally respond quite well to any procedure and results are usually good for me. I do notice that some of the fat that's dissolved is making my face less proportionate that it was. Most people probably wont notice but I do. For all of use who spend hard earned money to look and feel better, this procedure is one that I would not recommend this procedure. I would only consider doing this when Im in my fifties and have lost more significant fat in my face. BTW, I went to a well-respected Doctor.


I got mine at 50, and it's been awful. Fillers can help even you out, but then you create other problems, like forming big, dark gulleys under your eyes.
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DR. did not take time explaining possible long-term side effects.

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