24 Year Old Female- 360 Body Lift with Staged Lipo of the Thighs. Future Surgery Planned - Beverly Hills, CA

My name is Jacki and I had the RNY gastric bypass...

My name is Jacki and I had the RNY gastric bypass 4.5 years ago. I went from 365lbs. down to 230lbs. Even though I was so happy with my results, nothing prepared me for how much excess skin, fat, and tissue I would still have. I was heartbroken because I had done all of this hard work to lose weight and feel normal, yet I still got stares; now they weren’t from being morbidly obese, but because I had all of this unattractive hanging skin.

About 2.5 years ago I started to do my research and came across Dr.Katzen as one of my prospect surgeons. I had my consult and to be honest, he was nothing as I had imagined. Most doctors (especially in the Beverly Hills area) are all about the money. Dr.Katzen is not only one of kindest doctors I have met, but his artistic skills are impecable. Then, to make things even better, I got to see his work shine on TLC’s The Real Skinny. Right then and there, I knew Dr.Katzen was the only surgeon I would trust my body with.

On September 9, 2013 I had a 360 Body Lift and staged liposuction of the thighs, which removed a whooping total of 50lbs! Dr.Katzen was patient with me and answered any and all questions that I had. I had such an amazing experience with him. It has been a huge honor and I can not imagine finishing up my journey with anyone else than Dr. J. Timothy Katzen (I plan to still do a medial thigh lift, arms, breasts, and torsoplasty)!


Truly unbelievable! You must be so thrilled!! Would you mind sharing a bit of your experience immediately post-op? Pain level, post-surgical care, wound healing, etc.? I'm looking at having my surgery over the summer, and I'm excited and very nervous! Any advice certainly helps! Thank you, and congrats to you!!
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Congrats on your weight loss and your great outcome from your 360 body lift. I love Dr. Katzen, I had a consult with him last fall. How lucky you are to be able to have him craft your new body! Yeah to the 360 body lift!!! I tell everyone that is considering a lower body lift to watch the TLC program done by Dr. Katzen...I would love to have him do my surgery if I could afford it...Post some post surgery photos when you can, I would love to see how you are progressing...
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Updated Photos

I got a request for a few more photos. I added 2 more where my abdomen is showing. I also added another before photo of what I looked like before weight loss surgery. Im so thankful for everything Dr.Katzen has done for me. I can't wait to finish my journey!


Hello Jacki, you are looking amazing, if you are happi I'm even more happy for you. You've worked so hard at it, now time to enjoy... We'll, just want to let you know you are missed in the office. I'm scheduled for surgery on Sept 10th @ 8am... I'm nervous, excited to see results.
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No problem! It was actually a lot better than what I was expecting. I actually have a video of myself right after surgery saying so! haha. I won't lie and say its a walk in the park, but I was very VERY pleased at how well my surgery went and the pain was very manageable. My biggest complaint for after surgery is that I ended up getting constipated. But, being constipated is something thats very common after ANY surgery. Its just a combo of the anesthesia, pain meds, and antibiotics. My biggest piece advice, make sure you get your protein in. My doctor recommends 100g per day. This is one of the biggest keys to a good recovery. Also, I would recommend having someone around for the first 2 weeks to help you get around. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or want to talk to me about it. Good luck on your surgery!
You seriously look amazing and must feel so incredible! Thank you for your response! I'm so anxious to get this done and over with, I can't even explain it. That said, there are more steps to go through before I schedule. My biggest fears are waking up during the procedure and getting back to work safely. I think I can deal with discomfort and pain as long as I can rest comfortably. How did you sleep? Did you need a walker/recliner? My hubby will be with me the first week, and my mom on and off the first few weeks. I also believe I will have a pain pump the first two days post-op to keep my abdominal area numbed and more comfortable. Did you deal with any wound healing issues or infections? Those are also minor but real concerns of mine. Thank you again!
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