Complication After 3 Months (400cc/450cc)

I had breast augmentation 3 months ago. 400CC on...

I had breast augmentation 3 months ago. 400CC on my right and 450CC on my left. A niple lift on my right also. The incision was through my aerola. My doctor chose the size different for symetry. I'm right handed. My right have dropped and feel soft but my left has not. My left has been more hard since the day of the surgery. But 2 weeks ago I woke up and felt pain on my left breast, it was tender and hard and painful.

My doctor put me on medication and had help squished the implant where it's not hard anymore. I'm constantly massaging and it helps with the hardness but the implant still very high up like how it was when I just got home from the surgery.

I had 3 kids and breastfed all 3 so I needed a mommy make-over. I love my new body but after 3 months the breasts are uneven so I'm very sad.

Will it ever drop even it has been 3 months? Now my breasts are one up and one down. They look very obvious. I'm so stressed out and even more self-conscious than before I had the surgery. Will it correct itself? Or It has to be correct through surgery? Will I be paying for this correction or the doctor?


you need a capsulectomy i think its called, they go in and remove the scar tissue, but do your research for a doctor who has done this before. i need it doe too in my right breast :( were you over or under the muscle? also, did you have saline or silicone. just curious... ihad over muscle 500cc saline
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What work would I need on my right? And when is okay to do the revision of my left? I have an appointment to see my surgeon next week. What questions and concern should I ask? Just curious, is there any warranty on the doctor work? It's only been 3 months and I have problem. The way it look is not suppose to look like that. There's no recourse from the doctor for things like this?
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Glad that you put the surgeon's name down. I did view Dr's website, but I will not go to him after all! Sorry about your result. I would recommend you do more research, and get a doc who really listen to you and spend time explaining to your concerns! Good luck!!

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He was not very imformative. I didn't do my research enough to know better to ask the questions.

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