Capsulated Breast - Need Another Op to Remove Scar Tissue

The pain has changed since surgery . The right...

The pain has changed since surgery . The right breast is hard and has shooting pains in it. i cant fit into bras sports bras I look lop sided. It sucks i cant wear any cute clothes. I am tired all the time.

I recently had breast Implants put in October 2009. After surgery The surgery I had a bad reaction to antibiotics ( keflex). Started throwing up and then dry heaving for a 5 hour period. As a result of that I developed a hematoma under the right breast. Now 4 months later it has capsulated. My doctor plans to operate on the right breast remove scar tissue and put back the existing implant back in. Is that safe to put the old implant back in?
Is putting the old implant back in safe? Is it more of a risk for infection?
Please do not allow any surgeon to place the same implants back in your body.I am not a surgeon,but if I were,I would want to take every measure possible to keep the patient healthy.Safety and avoiding infection comes first.I am saying this because I believe my (PAST) surgeon thought I was stupid and clueless and was going to put my old silicone implants back in my body.I could be wrong, but from what I saw take place after the explant, thats what I think was going to happen.I thank my lucky stars that things didn't go that far.He is no longer my surgeon. Be safe and careful.I am speaking from experience. Take care

Dear Poofy, You are unfortunately among the small percentage of patients who develop capsular contracture after breast augmentation, the incidence of which is about 15-25% amongst large series of patients. Capsular contracture is higher following hematoma formation, and it is usually safe to use the patient's existing implant if there is no defect (which can be detected at the time of surgery) and the implant is within the warranty time period (which yours is). The treatment is to also remove the scarred capsule. Unfortuntately, recurrent capsular contracture is higher once you have developed it. Since we are uncertain as to the cause(s) of capsular contracture, the treatment recommended by your surgeon is the most appropriate. If recurrent contracture develops, some surgeons will insert a sheet of acellular dermis, like Strattice or Alloderm, amongst others, to reduce another capsular contracture from recurring. Good luck!

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