10 Year Old Implants, Dull Pain Underneath.

I always wanted breast implants. They are...

I always wanted breast implants. They are expensive, but I have always liked mine. I am a bit concerned about how they are holding up. I do like the way they look. I cannot sleep on my stomach very easy.

I have had my saline (over the muscle) breast implants for a little over 10 years. They have been fine until recently. I have started to have a dull ache under the implants and on the muscles over the breast bone and ribs. Breathing in makes it a bit sharper. I have felt all around my implants very agressively and feel no lumps or hard spots. Can over the muscle breast implants cause pulling or wear and tear on the breast muscles. I ride horses and am very active and the implants have started to sag a bit. Should I just have them removed?
You may have Capsular contracture, possible source of pain. MRI will be of great help to detect any medical problems. The implants above the muscle may tin the muscle a bit, but no othe effect. you are active Horse riding it is possible you pulled few bibers of the muscle.That can cause pain. You need to be examined and have an MRI if you like your implants why remove them? you may need to exchange them.
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