The New Gummy Bear Implants Texture - Bettendorf, IA

I still cant decide what kind of implants I want,...

I still cant decide what kind of implants I want, but i know i want the texture to feel more natural than firm. I have an appointment made already for the newsest Gummy bear implantsthat just came out This Febuary which are the most expensive ones at the moment but is it worth it? I have 5 months to make up my mind what I really want and I have been doing reserch here and there. My main concern here is the texture that is a safe implant to have?

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I wouldn't tell the surgeon what implant you want. Tell him what your desire look is and let him tell you his thoughts on what will best get you what you are looking for. We all have different types of tissue and breast so one may look amazing on one person. But only semi amazing on you. You surgeon is the expert he should be able to tell you what is best. Of you don't trust his opinion seek it from another surgeon.
We did have a consultation twice and Im able to get any kind and any size I would disire, at the moment I have chosen the new Gummy bear, but changed my mind because my sister when to go get a consultation to switch hers to the new ones and the doctor recommended her not to because they were more firm the the gel cohisive that she has right now. He didnt tell me that. As far as him telling me i can go with any kind i went for the more safest new ones on the market that look more natural.
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