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Well ladies I needed a butt and some hips but I...

Well ladies I needed a butt and some hips but I was afraid that I was too overweight and was correct...but when I went to Dr. Micheal in Bethesda Md he advised that he could get me near the results I wanted so I was happy but needs to see my bmi come down from 38 to atleast 35 which is about 25-30 lbs so we scheduled 2nd consult for 1/7/13 which I have confidence I can get my weight down but then I had a consult with Dr.Benjamin in Bowie and he was discouraging because he said that 50% of fat would be reabsorbed and that my I would get fuller hips and butt but waist and stomach wouldn't go down but while talking to him he really acted like he didn't even want to do procedure on me and assumed I wanted an hourglass shape but that's not what I wanted and he advised I needed to lose 25 more lbs but it wasn't for surgery to be safer it was for a better result. So I don't know what Im going to do besides get some of this weight off and try another dr. because i want to have my surgery in the first month of new year...any suggestions are greatly welcomed...will keep you posted on future consultations....thinking about taking trip to philly to see dr. Gabby becuase Im ready to to pay and I have the nerve to do it now.....


Sweetie74, it sounds like both PS's did want you to lose weight so you should start working on that. Try something fun that you'd enjoy.
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Hi Sweetie, what are your measurements? It may be true that you will may have to lose some weight if you mid section is larger, in order to achieve an hourglass shape. If you are not concerned about an hour glass shape, what are you trying to achieve? Creating an hourglass shape is the whole premise of this surgery. At any rate, good luck on your search.
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Hi junk, my measurements are 41 41 36.... I have absolutely no butt or hips...Im not looking to get hourglass shape just need some hips and butt and if stomach can come down thats fine but not necessary I can get stomach down as a matter of fact its going down now. Im shaped like a V and would like to change that some what becuase i know I will never have hourglass.
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