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I had Lasik eight years ago in 2001. Best thing I...

I had Lasik eight years ago in 2001. Best thing I have every done!! Totally happy with it.

Before I was so near sighted clear vision stopped 24" from my nose. I had worn hard contacts for about 15 years because of a stigmatism. In prepping for Lasik I wore glasses or soft contacts for about 6 months before surgery so my eyes would get over the effects of the hard contacts.

I had 20/20 vision right after LASIK. My vision has stayed steady at 20/20 for years. In the last year or so my left eye has started to go a little bit but my right eye has stayed well and I can still drive with out having to revert to glasses.

I see some slight halos when looking at street lights at night, but it does not bother me at all. Kind of cool in a way actually. And, knowing I do not have to depend on glasses any more is totally worth it.

I didn't go for a cheap, discount doctor - my doctor had done 10,000+ before me. He wasn't the cheapest, but I'm totally happy with the results.

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had done thousands before me, well know in the area

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