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Juvederm Smile in my Lips - Berlin, Germany

The first time i did juvederm smil into my lips it...

The first time i did juvederm smil into my lips it was about 3 month the result. then it was less. after the next injection after three month it lasted about 5 month.

the next injection i think i can do in 6 month!

the first injection mostly not last so long.

and i havee to do!!!! i am now i lip junkey!!! hehehehe

i could see it being addictive i did it once 2 weeks ago and im hooked.its a very expensive habit. i had 1 syringe. it looked great when i left the office, swollen and red and bruised slightly the next day. healed in about 4 days and lips were sore for a week.just went back to the doctor after 10 days to have him fill the upper lip a little more, it went down so much after the swelling subsided, hard to tell it was even done i suggest anyone who does this gets 2 syringes it will go down a lot a few days later thats the only way 2 see results but i love it and worth it now by the way it was done with juviderm it left 2 lumps on my upper lip doesnt bother me but the surgeon said he could inject it with an antibiotic or drain in with a syringe. i left it alone it doesnt bother me
hi, yes it looks nice but when u want to look always very hot lips , than u have to inject every 3-4 month,...that is then very expensive....and i fear to do permanent filller into my lips.
in the interrnet there are so much horrible stories and pics about....it´s a shame...

Hi new, 

A lip junky, that's funny. I'm glad this worked out so well. I often tell my husband about wanting filler in my top lip too because it is so much thinner than my bottom. Your lips look nice. Thanks for the pictures and the review. Enjoy your week!


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