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I dont have wrinkles, but i want to care , that i...

i dont have wrinkles, but i want to care , that i dont get some in the glabella-wrinkles and in the forehead, so my doc injects a little bit.

i can also move my forehead little bit, but i cannot move that i can do wrinkles. i think it is perfect. i do it maybe once a year... cause it is only for prevention...

i feel good.

pics i cannot, cause i have no wirnkles...it is only prevention

The medicine called dysport! the doc said, it...

the medicine called dysport!
the doc said, it should be little bit better than original "botox"

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my doc did not suggest it,...i asked him to try...cause i put my forehead always in wrinkels, when comes a sunshine or sth like that...
he only put very very little in my forehead...
i can move,but no make wrinkle.. ..it is more relaxed now.

i put it 2 month ago and it works still.
i cannot make wrinkles.

very good :-)
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Yes, not being able to make wrinkle on your forehead, but still move and it looks natural is great. Will you continue with this? 



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yesterday i saw a very very bad movie about botox with animals tested...i was shocked...!!
every medicine has to checked with mouses ...hundreds of mouses...
they get killed ugly...
so i will stop to use botox, till they make botox without permanent testing.

of course is most of all animal tested...but after a result they stop animal tests...
but botox they dont stop, cause the toxin can be more concentrated than the bottle before...
that is why.

i put a link for a short movie here ...
u cannot understand,...but it is enough, when u can see the movie...then u also understand!

i will only do filler now...
no botox any more!!!!
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this is the link to the movie " the ugly truth about botox"
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Hi prague,

I have had more and more community members mention they have started using Dysport/Botox for prevention. I'm glad you were happy with it. What made you start using it for prevention, did you see wrinkles or did your doctor suggest it? 



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