soon to have new boobs 3/25/14 - Berkley, MI

Hello everyone!! After reading everyone's...

Hello everyone!! After reading everyone's reviews/blogs, I have decided to share my own experience!
I am 23 year old, 5'6", and 135 lbs. I am very active and hope to be down to 130-125 by my surgery date. The big day is set for March 25th. I am not too sure of my bra size but currently wear 32b/34b and hope to go to a full C and possibly a small D. Haven't decided but thinking I will go with 450cc's. my doctor will be inserting silicon mentor implants tear drop shape above the muscle.
I have wanted BA for a very long time now and have finally saved up enough money to do so. Since my consultation and deciding to go through with this, I cannot explain how nervous/anxious I am. So many thoughts of asking myself if this is what I should do, but I know it is just my nerves getting to me. I never thought I would come this far already! Haha.


That's exciting! I have my BA in the beginning of March, it's so nice to finally be able to do this! Can't wait to read up on your experience. The wait seems to be the worst part haha :)
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Congratulations on booking your surgery! It's normal to have a variety of pre op emotions. ;) Will you have any post op help? Here is a list of recovery items you may want to consider purchasing and setting up. Keep us posted on your progress!
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So many thoughts!

I spend so much time on this website it is unreal! I am so intrigued by everyone's stories!
My PS wants to go sub fascial because I am so athletic. If you go under the muscle, the implants can move as you workout, etc. if you haven't heard of sub fascial before, it is a lining above the muscle. My only worry about going above the muscle is problems with capsule contraction is higher and sagging. Also not sure if I have enough skin to cushion the implant. What are y'all thoughts!?


Thank you!! Good luck with your BA :)))

Wish boobs

Just looking through pictures on line. I would love to have any of these pairs!!


I would think under the muscle would be best for you because you aren't starting with a lot of natural tissue. 450s should look great. Don't be afraid to go bigger. Good luck!
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