MAY I Have Infection on my Left Breast Bergman, AR

Hi i am 42 years old , and already had a BA on...

hi i am 42 years old , and already had a BA on 2000 , of 220cc, so i decid to replace after 2 pregnancys,
with a 360 left /375 on right moderate plus natrelle implant,
last 21 november 2013 i get my BA , everything whent very well untill one week ago .
i notice my left breast was more of my right and doesn t go down on the same way , but i not very worry about it , since i saw a little redness on the inside of my left breast , but nothink on the scare, no pain, only on the top and the inside breast , i call my surgeon and send him a picture of it , and he directly give me augmentine500/125 antibiotic to take ,,,,now i am very worry for truth . please someone can have a look on my picture and tell me what they think about it
now thank you
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Oh noooooooo, I would go in and see him. If it feels hot and puffy definitely go straight in. I would be in there, like you say better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully just a minor thing. Good luck
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Not sure what to say except go to your doc right away. Im surprised he did not tell you to come right in. Im always the nervous one better to error on the side of caution when it is your health.
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