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Restylane Worked but is It Worth the Cost???

I had restylane injected into my cheeks and smile...

I had restylane injected into my cheeks and smile lines. I was so excited the first day because all my laugh lines had disappeared! 3 days later they started to return and at that point I realized that there had been swelling at the injection site causing the lines to smooth out. A week later I could tell that the lines were not as noticeable but still there. I can tell a difference but no one else would be able to tell I had something done. It's been 3 months and it's starting to dissolve.

To keep this up, I will have to spend upwards of $1500 to $2000 a year on filler. That's crazy. I can get a facelift and have permanent results for the same price as a few years of filler. I will start saving my money and go for the real thing in a couple of years. So, bottom line, if you have money to burn then fillers are great. They can, however, only do so much.

I agree. I had a facelift 10 years ago, and the results get better and better. I also think my Dermatologist did a great job of injecting Restalyne but the difference is just too subtle for me to justify the expense and upkeep. Can I see a diffeence? slightly. I do think Restalyne is better on DEEP lines, not the little vertical ines round lips and mouth.
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My indecision on whether restylane is worth it or not has nothing to do with my provider. The Dr did a fabulous job injecting.

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