Facial Thermage - Bentonville, AR

Was expecting certain levels of discomfort but...

Was expecting certain levels of discomfort but experienced minimal pain; procedure went smoothly without complication.


Crepiness in the chin/neck area. will continue to be patient and optimistic that results will be seen. Thanks for asking.
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Yeah, it can be so hard to be patient & wait for those results we want to see so badly! Please keep us posted on how things are looking & what changes you notice. :)

I'm glad to hear your procedure went well. From what I understand it can take a while to see the results from Thermage. What concerns were you trying to address with it?

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May be expereincing buyer's remorse because not seeing any results of the minimal nature just yet. But understand it may take several months to see improvement. Just hoping for the best given the financial investment made.

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