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It has been almost a week for me, i feel great,...

it has been almost a week for me, i feel great, i've been pretty active this whole week, but everytime i eat i feel very bloated, and i'm not eating much either, i'm assuming this is normal and when i took off my nice girdle to take a shower it felt like my "stuff" was actually shifting to one side, i quickly hopped out and put it back on- it's the weekend so my Dr's office is closed so i couldn't call and ask- but have others felt this as well???

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Very excellent bed side manner, he so far has done an excellent job, the procedure went great, and after only one week i am very satisfied with the results, and it will only get better.

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Hey Tamarab...I am curious bout the cost of your state you paid $7,700. was this the total cost or your procedure or just the surgeons fee?
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Hi Tamara, Did the swelling finally go down? Are you still happy with your doctor and with your results? How long did you keep your drain in? Do you wish you had kept it in longer? Thanks so much for your advice!!
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How is your stomach now? Has the swelling subsided? Do you think the dr handled it okay? I am thinking about getting a tt with the same doctor so I'd love to know if your perspective on him has changed with the swelling issue. I really hope it is better for you now!
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The swelling is ok,they say you can swell for several months but it's not really that bad, it's been 5 weeks and i'm pretty happy- i actually had trapped fluid in my stomach, which is not the Dr.'s fault, i think he did a good job, my scar has healed really good i think all is going good, i would recommend him to others- hes pretty layed back and he has a good personality- easy to work with and hes caring as well. I would use him if i were you, hope this helps
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ok it has been two weeks today and my stomach is bigger than before, and it is all off to my right side, the doctor says this happens in about 1/3rd of the patients, it's horrible my poor tummy is bigger then before,ugh!!! i know its fluid but they don't want to drain it because then it opens everything up for infection but i'm so uncomfortable...i really hope this is normal
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Give it time. your body will reabsorb the fluids. If your surgeon does not feel he needs to aspirate then listen to him... Be patient......
You will get through this and you will be small again... my surgeon says I have to give it 3-4 month before my final complete me without all of the swelling etc...
time is your friend... just take it one day at a time and wear your binder.
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The shifting could be the fluid under your skin moving, also the muscles moving because they are no longer held in place and now have to work, Your abdominal muscles were stitched tight so there is no room for your stomach to stretch out to when you eat. Like wearing a tight pair of jeans when you eat and until you unbutton them you wont feel relief.... this is normal.. I am 9 days post op... You will be fine.
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~lol~ I think this is normal. When I take off my binder I get the sensation that everything is exploding outwards :) I also sometimes feel like hot water is running over my skin.

I am 5 days post-op and feel great as well. :) So glad to hear that you are doing well.
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