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I'll start off with a little background on myself....

I'll start off with a little background on myself. I am a mother of 5 and started having babies when I was 21, every 3 years after. My first was a c-section and natural after that. I have always been fairly thin and never really exercised. Well of course that has caught up with me as I've aged so I signed up with a gym about 3 years ago. I go in and out of steady working out phases with going 5-6 days a week. Currently I am only making it 1-2 on average. Whether I exercise or not, my stomach pretty much stays the same as well as my inner thighs. Being overall happy with my body and weight I decided to go ahead and treat myself for my 40th Bday that is coming up and fix these problem areas.

My current stats are 5'5 inches tall, 129 lbs. I plan on taking measurements next week after my two week pre op appointment.

When I first started thinking about actually doing this, I was going to make an appointment with Sono bello but decided to go into Athenix first. I was very impressed with Elle who I met with. I told her that the cost was a bit higher than I expected and I had to think about it. She was very nice, did not pressure me at all. In fact other than the standard emails from them now and then about specials, I didnt hear back from her. This was in July and in early September I emailed her and decided to go for it. The special that was running all summer (buy 3 areas get 1 free) had ended but she gave it to me anyway. The only draw back was that the only Friday appointment available was Nov. 8th.

Like I said my pre op appointment is next Friday the 25th. I will post pictures and more details then.

If anyone has advice or comments I would love to hear them! Especially from those who have gone to Athenix in Bellevue Wa.

New surgery date!

So about 30 minutes after I sent my review in, my Dr.'s office called and asked if I wanted to take a canceled appointment slot. I was so caught off guard and instantly got nervous! The new appointment is next wed. October 23rd! Yikes, less than a week to prepare. And of course I've been checking the site all weekend to see when my review was going to post.
I was able to find a diagnostic place open on Saturdays and got my blood work done. My pre op with Dr. Bullis is Tuesday at 2. It will be my first time meeting with him and I look forward to hearing his opinion and asking a few questions. I definitely have more questions now that I found this site. I have been surprised at how little info I've found on the internet, I thought there would be a lot more reviews out there.
Anyway, I will go ahead and ad my before pics seeing how my pre op is tomorrow. I took these last night. I bloat out and by the end of the day my stomach is at least 1 in bigger. Also my period is about to start so more bloat from that. Hopefully once my fat layer is gone, bloating won't be so obvious!

More pre op pics-uploaded the wrong ones first time!

My pre op stats are currently
128.5 lbs in am, 130.5 lbs in pm
Waist at belly button 32 inches am-33 inches pm
Thighs at thickest spot-both 22.5 inches

Pre op with Dr. Bullis

I've been pretty calm, or maybe in denial so far but I did get a little nervous waiting to see the Dr.
First I met with a nurse who will be assisting with my before and after care and we went over just about everything. She took notes for Dr. Bullies to speak with me. After filling all the paperwork out she took my before shots. We had a good time laughing about the paper bra and thong..she said they pretty much don't fit any body style..I thought it was just my size B
The whole appointment took about 1.5 hrs. Dr. Bullies came in the last 20-25 min. He was very nice and had a calming demeanor. He said I have great skin and my stretch marks on my lower abdominal area actual don't look that bad. He said they will still show some after but he doesn't expect it to look worse. Also I'm very happy that he is very confident he can make my c section shelf/pouch go nice n flat. He also made me happy when he said he plans on going through my belly button and one on each side below that c section scar! So my abs shouldn't have any new scars. Yeah! Plus he is going to contour my sides a bit more too as part of my tummy. Bonus!
We also discussed my inner thighs. I asked him if they could turn out wavy as I have read. He said with my firm skin, he does not expect that. I also do not have stretch marks on them so that helps with this area as well. He says he expects the inner thighs will loose the bulgy look and have nice shape to match my outer thighs.
Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good and excited to see the end results..if only I could fast forward 4-6 months! :)
I'm also going to post a close up pic of my stretch marks and c section shelf. I was wearing leggings today so there is quit a bit of pants wrinkles too lol.

So far so good!

Surgery went well! Honestly it wasn't bad at all. I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck. On a scale 1-5 of being nervous I'd say I was a one.
When it was time to start adding the numbing fluid I was surprised that it did not hurt at all, didn't even feel that weird. The Dr. Started on my inner thighs first. Only a few minor pokes as he was tapering down lower on my leg.
The abs were very tender at times especially around my belly button and up by my ribs. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say 4 max but only for a few seconds.
For all the area he got out almost a liter, around 2 lbs of fat. The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours.
So far I'm not leaking through, happy about that too.
The only place that hurts a little right now is the belly button area, the same area that hurt some during the procedure. I think that's it and I'll update in 24 hours when I can shower and take off garment.

24 hours after surgery

I slept pretty much all day yesterday and through the night, only woke up once at 1am to use the bathroom and take pain meds. I only had one spot on my inner thighs that leaked through the pad. It was very little though and only got on my pj's.
I don't hurt if I'm sitting or laying down but getting up is challenging. Sitting on a hard toilet set isn't fun either but overall I'd say it's not too bad..yet anyway. I know that it can hurt the worst on day three. My last pain pill was at 1am and I started taking arnica and Tylenol. I think that's working for now.
My CG feels much better now that I was able to take all the pads out and shower. Getting it back on felt good on the thighs but not so good on my upper rib area but once it was zipped up I feel fine.
I pretty much look as I expected the first day, wrinkly and swollen.

Day 2 post op

Last night my Dr. Called to check up on me and also asked a few questions about pain during surgery and current. He really is a nice guy and is very informative. He reminded me that my own body will start its own swelling process about week 2 and get better from there but of course I will see ups and downs for a few months. Plus he mentioned that my pubic area might swell and bruise since he worked on my c section scar..and ya, this morning when I took my CG off I had to laugh at myself. You can see how swollen it is in the side view pic I took. So far bruising on my stomach is almost zero but my inner thighs are pretty angry looking. They are gonna bruise pretty bad I think. Dr. Bullis also mentioned the legs almost always bruise more.
At this point I'm feeling more mobile and can walk around with less of a waddle and more upright than yesterday. Dr. Wants me to start taking a 30 min stroll this morning and evening. I have to say that I am really glad I ended up with a wed appt. instead of a Friday. I can't imagine getting dressed up and going to work tomorrow. Two days recovery is doable but not the best in my opinion.

Out and about

Definitely had too much sleep in the last few days, took me forever to fall asleep last night. Now I see why the Dr. Says you can go back to work on the third day. I feel really good today. We did our usual running around, costco etc and the only trouble I had was getting in and out the car. Just a little sore like I worked out a bit too hard. My energy feels back to normal for now anyway, I'm sure I'll have some less energetic days ahead.
My swelling is staying pretty consistent. Nothing too bad yet. My abdomen is still not showing any signs of bruising and my inner thighs look a little less red and angry than the day after.
I bought three different spanx today and will bring to my post op on we'd to see if the Dr. Thinks they are supportive enough. Some of my paperwork says you wear the stage 1 garment for two weeks and then switch to spanx but one paper says you can switch to spanx after 1 week. My CG doesn't bother me too bad except at the end of the day my upper ribs feel too compressed.
I'm really kicking myself for not buying a groupon they had the week before my surgery. It was $99 for three velashap treatments. I know I'm going to want to get as many massages as possible to ward off the lumps and bumps. That worries me quit a bit. I don't want to look lumpy!

Back to work

Went back to work today. I was able to wear my usual business wear and conceal the CG. I have a stand up work desk and a high chair if I want to sit..that proved not so comfortable to get on and of by the end of the day. My abs feel fine but my inner thighs are still sore. When I showered today I noticed new bruising going down the inside of my thighs going a little past the CG. I also have some new red bruises around my c section scar.
I was 128lbs this am so the swelling isn't too bad, at least in the am. I don't know if it's because I sat straight most of the day instead of reclined or laying on the couch but I have a indent or crease from my CG across my stomach. Maybe my CG is not as tight as it should be now. We'll see what the Dr says wed. Oh and today was last day for antibiotics (TG I hate them) and I only took Tylenol once. Still taking arnica 3 times a day and applying the gel once after I shower.

Post op appointment

I have to say, I feel like a million bucks today! So full of energy and hardly noticed my sore thighs today at all.
My appointment went well. Dr. Says my incisions look great. FYI I never pay anything on them, not even band aids and they aren't even scabbed over. Just nice little pink lines. Just some advice there about after care.
I'm really glad I brought the spanx I bought because he says they aren't supportive enough and don't go down far enough on my thighs. I will be wearing my garment another 3 weeks and then switching to a stage 2 garment I found online. I was looking forward to having a smoother no zipper garment that is easier to remove but that's ok.. I just want the best outcome!
Also today I need to start massaging and in 4 weeks I get a complimentary vela shape massage.. Woohoo! I am hoping by then they will have another groupon for them and I can save big $. He recommended a total of 5 vela shapes.
Anyway, feeling good and loving that I didn't even have to suck my stomach in all day in my sweater dress!

Back to the gym and measurement update

I'm feeling a little restless and need to get in the gym today. I'm just going to go as long as I can on the elliptical. I am not sore at all moving around but I'm sore to touch when I massage. Which I don't like doing. I don't think I'm numb anywhere and it doesn't feel weird, just kinda hurts to rub a tender area on purpose. I can't tell but I think I'm a little lumpy on my abdomen. I look lumpy but when I rub it feels like I'm just rubbing sore muscles and not round hard lumps. I guess I'm not sure what everyone means by lumps. I'm massaging twice a day anyway. Oh and when I massage my thighs the bruising shows more. It's weird. It almost goes away until I do that.
So for the last 3 days or so I am 126 lbs in the am so I'm guessing that means I'm not swollen since he took out almost 2 lbs.
my stomach measured 31 inches and my thighs 21.5 so about an inch smaller on both areas compared to pre op.
Feeling really energetic and happy with my results so far!

Lumps and bumps!

Today is 2 weeks post op and I've been feeling pretty much back to normal. Loving not having to suck my gut in all day in my fitted work clothes. Or any clothes for that matter! :) But I also know I feel better than I look because I'm all sucked in with the CG. I feel really naked without it.
I did buy a zipperless CG that is exactly what I have now(minus zipper) only I think I will look and feel even better when I don't have to worry about the puckering zipper. It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I can't wait.
In the last 2-3 days I have really noticed the ugly lumps and bumps and tight skin. I really hate massaging myself so I bought a hand held massager with heat last night and wow the difference it makes! By the end of the 15 minutes my skin looked softer, and I couldn't see or barely feel the lumps! I think it does a much better job than I was doing.
So the pictures I'm posting are from tonight right after work/dinner. Obviously the tights I wore today were a little too tight as they left a red mark around me. Plus I now have this weird new line above my belly button that wasn't there before. :( hopefully things smooth out soon cuz I look nasty! I am also hoping that the bad lighting isn't helping either and that I don't look that bad. On a positive note, my thighs don't touch anymore. :)

New CG and swelling!

What a huge difference a zipperless CG makes! No more buckling on my sides or extra fabric there to leave indents.
Look at my ankles from wearing socks to work today! Wow, that's some serious swelling, obviously all over swelling occurring!
That ugly line looks better today, not gone but better so that's a relief.

Uncomfortable and swollen!

Today is 3 weeks post op. This past weekend I was feeling great, could really see curves on my sides and not much of the lumps and bumps. We even went out with friends and I wore a tight dress with only spanx and minimal swelling. Oh and my tummy measured 30 inches even at night so that's 2-3 inches down!
Fast forward a few days and bam! The last two days have been increasingly uncomfortable. I steadily gained water weight in a short few days and now I currently weigh 129.9. :( trying to tell myself it's just water and don't stress but it's hard. I've been going to the gym and using the elliptical for 30-35 min every other day. Last night was horrible. As soon as I got off the machine I could tell my legs were very swollen and so tight! It hurt to walk.
My whole body aches really, seems even worse where I don't have a CG on. I can tell all my tissue is just flooded with water. It's so weird that I would swell this bad after 3 weeks of barely swelling but I am hoping its hormones. I take my last bcp tonight and my period won't start till Sunday. I hope I get relief sooner than that! I was just finishing my period the day I had the surgery so this is my first cycle since traumatizing my body lol. Maybe that's why it's worse than ever? I mean I usually bloat a bit before but this is nuts!
On a positive note, I'm barely sore to the touch anymore when massaging, I don't itch and my clothes still fit despite the crazy swelling!
I am pretty lumpy again on my stomach, looks pretty bad in these pictures because I just got done massaging in the shower. Usually my skin tone is pretty even, no weird discolorations.

Mixed bag of feelings today..

So today is four weeks post op. My emotions have even all over the place this week. I'm lumpy. Which is making me worried even though it know it's still early in the game. The cannula tunnels/lines are of most concern today. I can really feel a hard ridge running up and down each side of my abs. Not on my inner thighs though. You can't see the ridges, just feel them.
Today I wore only spanx all day. By the end of the day I was very bloated. My thighs are sore and the right top of the cannula ridge has had a dull ache all day. I guess from not being so compressed?
I've been consistently using the elliptical three days a week about 30-35 minutes. I keep saying I will start my classes up but I haven't...maybe after my check up in two weeks.
So I'm not sure what to think about my swelling, lumps, ridges and if I should just let my body adjust to less support or keep my CG on 24/7 still. My Dr said I could switch to 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off now but after today testing with a less constricting garment I'm not feeling that is a good option.
I only massage once a day...maybe I should take breaks at work and do it? Do you all really massage 3 times a day like they suggest?
Anyway, I'm not going to post pics of my bare body as it looks pretty much the same. Here is a close up on my cannula scar and me in work out clothes tonight before the gym..

Finally cutting back on CG time!

Well I had some great before and after pics lined up but my iPhone ate them.. :( anyway, I had my first velashape massage on Tuesday. It didn't hurt at all. It's hard to describe but it feels like sucking and rolling with heat. That evening my stomach swelled up quit a bit but looked great the next morning. I actually like the way I look in the am but now that I think about it I always looked better in the am. :) I have 3 more treatments lined up for the next three weeks. Curious to see if it helps at all.

I worked out wed night for the first time without spanx on...I think I will go back to wearing spanx for a while longer...felt a little sore without it.

I have been wearing my CG only during the day and after I meet with my Dr. Next week, I hope to ditch it all together. It doesn't bother me too bad but I do seem to get creases on my abs when I wear it. Oh and I don't talk about my inner thighs much but they definitely have less fat in them..have a little gap but they are a bit lumpy looking, my left seems bigger than the right. Sometimes they feel tight like when I stand up after sitting a while. They don't bother me at all when I work out.

Well I think that's it for's funny because when I look in the mirror I look smaller and not so lumpy looking...but in the pictures I do...the lighting must pick up every little imperfection I guess.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I made sure to wear my tightest CG so I didn't eat too much...not sure it worked. :)

6 week post op check up and velashape

Well...I hate to give up so early but I'm feeling a little discouraged lately. I'm not loving the way my stomach looks most of the time. It looks lumpy. I massage everyday with my hand massager with heat. I have also had 2 velashape treatments so far and I'm not convinced they are doing anything. This week the technition did both my inner thighs and stomach. Oh man!! The inner thighs hurt quit a bit and I couldn't wait for her to stop. I'm still a little tender to the touch and kinda dread next weeks treatment lol. My stomach ended up bruising a little the next am.
So over the weekend I felt as if I was swelling quit a bit less so I decided to wear spanx to work instead of the CG...ended up being uncomfortable, sore and really swollen by the end of the day. After working out I promptly put my tight CG on. Felt so good and the swelling/water weight was back to normal the next am.
This afternoon I saw my Dr. They took pics and they printed them in black and white..of course I looked much better in their pics than mine..they didn't show the lumpiness of my stomach and the Dr said see how much skinnier you are...ya ya whatever what about the lumps and cannula ridges? He checks me out and says I still have a decent amount of swelling and inflammation. Also he explained how the lines I feel are there on purpose. He put them there for ab definition and when the swelling goes away it will look keep massaging them so they don't build up scar tissue...again...I'm not so sure it will look good and I really hope he is right. He also gave me 3 more free velashape treatments. That will be a total of 7 treatments when done. He swears this will help keep scar tissue away and tighten the skin faster...
I also asked him the same question I posted on the q&a section about my weight...he said yes, he took out almost 2 lbs and I should be down 2 lbs...I said ok so does that mean I've gained weight then cuz I can't get below my pre op weight. He said yes, maybe... but it's still early and can also just be water weight...ugh!! Not what I want to hear.
So even though I swelled up like a balloon Monday with spanx on, he wants me to stop the CG all "might" be causing the crease above my belly button. My body needs to learn how to get over this swelling on its own so I guess I might be suffering with feeling fat and uncomfortable for a while. :(
Anyhoo, here's a few pictures...the red pics are taken right after the velashape treatment and the others were the next am...

6 weeks post op picture update

I haven't worn a CG in about 24 hours and so far feeling fine and not swelling too bad. Anyway now that my abs have had time to rest from the velashape I decided to take some pics at work this afternoon since the lighting is different than it is at home.

8 week update

Well the last two weeks have been pretty good except for last week. My period brought on tons of bloating/swelling. I seriously looked horrible, even in my clothes. I hope that this doesn't continue every month and that it's still a side effect to the surgery.
I continue to have velashape treatments, three so far. I do think they are helping but still not a 100% sure on that. The technician is awesome and has been doing my inner thighs from the back which hurts WAY less than when she does it from the front. She is also working on those ugly fat pockets below my butt for free which is nice. I still regret not going ahead with having that area done but if I continue to exercise they should go down a bit. When I weight 8-10 lbs less than I do now, they go away. But I don't like being that skinny so we will see.
Speaking of weight...other than my period week, I am consistently 128 lbs in the am..same as pre op weight. I'm not starving myself and eating a few goodies here and there so that's probably why my weight hasn't gone down. Although I am consistently working out 2-3 days a week again so I am hopefully it's also muscle weight. :) positive thinking right? Lol
I do have to say it's really hard to describe but my abs sometimes feel achy? So hard to find the right word for it but I assume it's scar tissue trying to form or something. Like it rubs against my ribs or something. Idk, that sounds nuts but it really is a sensation I've never has before so I have to assume its healing from the lipo.
Anyhoo, here's some pics..not much has changed. I bought some new winter white clothes and I have to say it feels good to wear them with confidence! :)

8 week post op pics

What the?!

I'm almost 9 weeks post op...I weighed the same as I have been this am..128...just went to the bathroom at work and realized my stomach looks awful! Please tell me this swelling will stop!! I have been sitting most of the morning and where my pants touch my stomach, it's all puckery and creased you can see when I stand up, the pants aren't tight n have plenty of room.
This kind of thing really stresses me out..makes me think this is my end result since I don't really feel bloated..

10 weeks post...Happy New Years Eve!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all survived Christmas and are ready for a great New Year!
So the last week or so has been interesting...I have been a little blue and not very motivated to exercise. Next year I vow to go someplace warm and sunny and just get away from it all. I live in Washington state and I'm pretty sure our weather is getting the best of me.
Anyway, on to a more positive note!! :)
Not a whole lot of changes..except that I have lost some muscle and gained fat due to lack of exercise and eating holiday sweets. I was able to avoid carbs like mashed potatoes and such but that darn fudge wouldn't leave me alone! ;) with that being said, I'm going to force myself to hit the gym this week and I've already been back on my healthy eating since Sunday. I was 127.6 lbs this am but need to be around 126 consistently to reflect the fat taken out. I would LOVE to be 125 or less in the am but with a lower fat % and more muscle tone. No joke my fat percent sits around 22-23%..way too high.
Ok, enough weight talk...I have decided that I love the way I look dressed...don't have to suck my tummy in at all but naked or in a swimsuit...not so much..but I am reminding myself and taking jade's advice that I'm still healing and will smooth patient and stop obsessing over daily changes..
I had velashape last night and she was very aggressive with this treatment...I'm pretty bruised this am but I can tell those cannula lines feel a bit softer. I only have one more treatment and then I will need to either ask my Dr. To comp a few more treatments or buy more...if they don't let me use another groupon, I just can't justify paying $300 a pop...still not convinced they are a long term fix and are worth the cost.
Anyway, that's what's up with me! The pics I took today are in my daughters room. I think it's helpful to take pictures in different lighting.
Happy New Years!

3 month post op

Well....I would pretty much guess this is going to be as good as it gets as far as the lipo goes. I'm sure I could work out like crazy and look better but I have time or desire to do that right now lol.
I found a spanx tank top about a month ago that I wear often. I NEVER would have thought I'd wear spanx for any reason other than for this surgery but I can see that I will probably wear it a lot.
My weight has been pretty consistently at 126.6 lbs in the am. So I would say for sure that I haven't gained weight since the dr took about 2 lbs out. I don't feel super confident about my stomach. I think he left too much fat in the middle but well see what he says at my final appointment. It's important to me that I weigh this amount when I see him so he can't blame it on weight gain. When I sit down I have a small roll that pooches out and as you can see by these horrible pictures, it looks pretty ugly when I'm not standing up straight.
My inner thighs don't have that fat bubble so that's good but they aren't even as you can see from the pic too. I don't think he can fix that. It feels pretty soft so I don't think he can take more fat out. When I look at the pics from behind I regret not getting my banana roll/ back of thighs done....maybe later.
Anyway, I would say obviously I have less fat in the areas I had done so it was worth it overall. I would do it again even though I'm not 100% happy with what I see. Not going to feel super confident in a bikini. I'll post a pic of me in Hawaii last May and honestly I think I looked better in a bikini than I do now.

Dr. Bullis is great. He has a very calming demeanor, seems humble but confident about his skills, very honest about the type of results I should expect. He seems more concerned with how the big picture will look in the end rather than stick to the exact area you paid for. As example, he went out a bit further on my sides to add more of a contour and around back below my rear end to contour the thighs better. I would assume that area would have been considered extra. The office is nice, clean and modern. The staff is friendly and full of smiles. Not "stuck up" at all. I definitely recommend Dr. Bullis and the Athenix staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Awesome post. Thank you. You look amazing.
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Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I've been looking to do this for some time and you bring so honest and including pictures takes some of the wonder out of it. I have an apt at the same location you went to on Monday (3/34) and I'm nervous but excited. I am SO tired of sucking in my stomach or wearing "baggy" clothes. We are doing a 4 day weekend in Vegas for my 40th in July, I"ll be darned if i'm wearing baggy clothes. I so liked your Nov pic results and can only hope mine turn out the same. The "lumps' worry me a bit and the " the cannula lines ".. what the what are those? Can I opt to not have them? ha. Again, thank you for being so real about your process and including pictures. You look AWESOME!!
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Thank you! So the lumps are gone. I can feel the cannula lines a little bit up closer to my ribs if I push for them. They dont currently show due to me stopping BCP's the first of Jan...Im retaining water like no other. :( That's another issue though that is not related to the lipo. Anyway, Im sure you can tell your Dr ahead of time that you dont want the definition. When my Dr said he was going to define my abs a bit, I didnt know what he meant. At this point I wish he didnt do it. it doesnt look bad but I dont like to feel them and dont see the point. Perhaps he thought I was going to start working out like crazy and get a six pack..which I dont like the athletic look anyway so thats not gonna happen. :) I havent gone back for my final post op yet, its re-scheduled for March 25th. I will know more of what the Dr. thinks after that. I am thinking I want a revision..we will see. Anyway, dont stress on the lumps, mine went away and were never hard lumps/scar tissue..if those start to form them massage more aggressively. Good luck next week! Dont be nervous...its really not bad at all, and I think you are in good hands! Feel free to ask me anything before or after.
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Hi E., sorry you are feeling so negative about your progress right now (that makes two of us!!). I saw your pics, and if your stomach looked like it had similar problems to mine, I wouldn't feel so optimistic, but E, to be honest with you, it seems to me like your progress is absolutely fine, and as I said loads of times, you are going to be seeing ALL kinds of changes -- all the way up to MONTH SIX. So you are not there yet. Admittedly, If you were looking like me (Tara Reid-style folds & crevices disaster style), then I would not be as optimistic about it, and would not be telling you that it's still too early and just a matter of time. But you look fine to me!. You are at 3 months, so you're halfway to seeing 90% of your end result. I know you're impatient to see your results but please give it time; It might have (as you say) lumps and bumps which I don't personally see, but that is nothing and totally normal, it's your body healing and still settling down. I mean, seriously, take for example the photo of you taken from the side .... there is NO WAY you have residual fat in there, you just CANT get any tinier than that, E !! You are totally utterly flat and tiny - straight up and down, no bumps, lumps or anything. If you hunch over your stomach and pull at things, then you get are bound to get some flesh and folds and will end up looking not so great in the mirror! It's when you pose standing up and your stomach still looks digusting, THEN you have to worry. When you bend over you create folds and it's normal as otherwise we'd break in two if we were THAT taut. And if you pull at your stomach, you're going to grab onto something as a) the Dr needs to leave SOME fat cells behind to leave a smooth result, or else you end up with ugly crevices and holes in your stomach where too much fat has been removed Plus b) don't forget you have heaps of lumpy scar tissue still healing underneath and things are still shifting about (muscle reattaching to skin, etc) inside, which is all stuff which we can 't see. By the time you see the Dr, then another month will have gone by and I think you'll find that the small things bothering you have suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke. Also, you might not finished full skin retraction phase, which is different for everyone, and which is when you start really get to see the full, definite results. My skin retraction started around month 4, and hell I can't believe the difference it made, my skin just sucked in like I'd done 3 mths' worth of boot camp in the space of a few weeks - I even had those Brad Pitt definition lines on my hips (never had those before) Hope I've been making some kind of sense, I just wanted to encourage you to just hang on in there and let nature take its course, without resorting to different additional procedures to speed up the healing, I would just leave things as they are, you are just a lot safer that way. Another thing - if you are really worried, then why not get your surgeon to give you an ultrasound scan? My surgeon did exactly that, before my revision, to check that I did infact have a huge layer of residual fat he'd left behind, and not scar tissue or anything more serious going on in there ( i now blame the fact that using local anaesthetic really interfered with that part of things during the op but, whatever -- bygones) which was causing this huge hard bumpy mound around my belly button & which never went away. If you do an ultrasound scan of your stomach, you can see for sure whether what you are pulling on in pictures no. 3 and 4 of 25 Jan 2014, is not actually fat but is skin and scar tissue underneath, and the scar tissue will still be lumpy and bumpy because it hasn't quite had a chance to heal 100 percent yet. You really need to give it 6 months. I wouldn't say this, if you looked as disastrous as me. But looking at your pics, you look absolutely fine. The other pics of you where you are not hunched over and stretching out your flesh, and are standing straight, to ME show that you are have a) flat stomach b) tiny waist which is is so tiny it is actually just one very slim horizontal line when seen from the side - and which I'm WELL jealous of !!) and c) nice taut skin, no lumps or crevices or folds anywhere that I can see. Well I hope I made some kind of sense there. I'm just trying to say that you do look absolutely fine, I can't see the problem - which is Know is SUPREMELY frustrating for you to hear, but it's the god's honest truth. I think you are coming along absolutely great, and I mean it. Thanks again for popping by my review and for leaving me such a reassuring comment, which made all the difference. Take care, and please stop worrying !! x x
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We are always our worst critics and I am sure you see all the flaws, but honestly your body looks beautiful! The areas you mentioned- that we all deal with- are the little things that no one notices but we magnify! Any girl that has had a baby will always have that loose skin when we bend over without a tummy tuck and removal. Isn't there a laser for skin tightening? I was thinking of that for myself, too for that area. Regardless you look gorgeous and are an inspiration for anyone on here looking to see positive results!
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Thank you, I appreciate your kind words :) I did have several velashape treatments on my stomach which is supost to help with skin tightening. The weird thing is that I don't have that much loose skin and when I bend over it doesn't hang but if I grab or pinch it you can really tell how fatty it still is. Idk I should just try to loose a few lbs and see if that helps. But really the whole reason I got lipo at this weight is because I can eat a healthy amount and not have to exercise much to maintain...I want the curves but not the belly! :) anyway, thanks again. :)
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Hey there. Your an inspirational Story. Really! I love your results. I do feel weird she I don't wear the cg. Elsa curve makes great garments but they are tight. I don't wanna wear it 24/7 tho. Hope your doing great I see and happy new year!
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Thank you! idk how I missed your comment before but sorry for the late reply!
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Hi WellDeserved, Wow, you look beautiful. I have to said that the doctor and staff at Athenix took good care of you and are very professional with your concern unlike Sono Bello (Bellevue) the doctor did not even see you for your two weeks and three months pre-op, it the nurse. The doctor in SN only sees you on your six months pre-op then sent you off your way. They don’t care; they just want your money. In my case they disfigured my body and hold no responsibility. My body looks horrible (indentations, uneven, lumpy, and very bad scars). I spoke with their practice manager and she is very rude and offers no help. She stated that I went there for the procedure and they performed the procedure and that it. I am filling a complaint with the BBB. I want people to know and to think twice, do lots of research before going to Sono Bello for procedure. All the best to you and keep on posting up your result b/c I’m going there to get my botched lipo from Sono Bello fixed. Thks!
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Thank you and I hope athenix helps fix you and you feel better about your past results.
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I have the line too when I sit. It's better in the morning the. Worse as the day goes on. I have a marena stage 2 tank that I wear. You may want to get a stage 2 garment. 2 months is very early to be going without anything if you're sitting a lot.
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Thank you, I'll have to look online for a tank...the day that happened was the worst day for weird stomach texture. The pic didn't do it justice, it was bad! Since that day I've had ups n downs but honestly I've blamed it on my less than perfect holiday diet. My stomach was definitely flatter when I wore a CG regularly. The problem I worry about is when I wore my CG past the recommended time, I ended up with a really bad crease above my belly button. That is mostly gone now. Anyway, thank you!
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I know exactly what you mean. I always unbutton tops of jeans and pants when I sit or I have a crease. But it goes away after a day of wearing looser clothes. Hang in there !!
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So is your creases due to getting the revision? Did that stop happening after a while with the first procedure a year ago? If so, how long until you had 100% smoothness?
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It happened one of two ways: I had a natural contour line that was more noticeable after lipo. I actually had 2 stomachs and that line was there from years of my upper belly hanging and pressing against it. Or the area was over suctioned. The revision just blended it in better by removing extra fat that was missed. Since the revision I'm careful about anything pressing the area so that it can heal. Your situation could be fine and smooth itself out with time. I just know my pants make it worse some days and the stage 2 garments gives a layer of protection from additional pressure on the area when sitting. Ask your doc what he/she thinks if it doesn't smooth out.
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Hi! Thanks again for popping along to comment kindly on my review! Always nice to hear from you! I was keen to check on your progress since I last saw you, but haven't had a chance lately to read any review updates, so I thought i'd leave it to my aftercare one-week break for xmas so I could read blogs properly instead of just skimming through them. I can see you are looking fabulous, your body is looking tiny (but shapely), super toned and fit, and those pics at 8 weeks post-op are just HAWWT. I'm dead envious! As for the Photo In the White Dress, well -- no need for me to comment really! What a perfect pic to prove to you beyond doubt that you've got a smoking hot body now -- I'm super super pleased for you! And you weren't even wearing spanx under the dress to hold anything in ! Woah! Really I'm thrilled to bits for you. And the pic of you in the white trousers makes me exceedingly envious - I couldn't dream of having a 'derriere view' like that in a million years; I think the last time I had one was when i was 15 or thereabouts & it's unlikely to make a comeback any time soon:) Regarding the swelling/puckering in the lower ab area that you are concerned about ... I'm not a superexpert but I thought I'd try to reassure you by saying that, having been through this operation once before (May of this year) and having seen tons of Vaser reviews & photos on RealSelf - I would not worry unduly at this stage, as at 2 months post op you are still in early, early stages. Honestly, in my case, when I did Vaser Op no. 1, all throughout months 2, 3 and 4 my stomach was still morphing itself into all sorts of different shapes, i.e. weird puckerings, swellings and craters galore, in varying degrees. I've seen evidence of this in pics on other people's reviews, too, many times; the changes can go on all the way through to 4 to 6 months (sometimes beyond that ) ==- but improving dramatically as you get closer to your final result. You will be amazed how your abs can go through dramatic changes for no reason - like superwow flat and toned one day, and then not quite so good the next; but please don't feel too discouraged as it's perfectly normal. Everything needs time to settle down and heal - externally and internally --- so everything inside is still shifting & settling down as it continues healing and getting back to normal. I would advise a lot of self-massaging but still more importantly, be mentally prepared that your stomach has lots of different metamorphoses to go through before you get near to your final result. It can be quite upsetting to see your abs looking perfect, smooth and defined for a few days, or a whole week, and then quite dramatically different in the space of just 24 hours. But it's perfectly normal. I can assure you, from your pics, you have fabulous results, and just need to have patience..... With vaser lipo recovery it's all about patience!! it's a long old road of ups and downs but, fingers crossed, well worth it in the end. Re: your stomach 'puckering', it also, actually, looks like muscle definition in your lower abs - have you been doing a lot of ab work/crunches etc, either recently or in the past, as that could cause it? which is not a prob as when everything starts to even out as you heal, it will all blend in and you'll just look very 'cut' and very toned with great muscle definition. Also, skin retraction can happen quicker in certain areas, compared to the surrounding tissue hence looking a little puckered until surrounding area 'catches up' with it. I noticed this very often during the recovery from my first vaser in May. Whatever happens, do keep us updated on this, and if you are still worried you could always pop along to see your Dr to get it checked out, just for your peace of mind. Wishing you all the best of luck for the rest of your journey, with even more amazing knock-out results along the way as you get closer & closer to goal !
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Jade! Thank you so much for the sweet reply! That was a nice self esteem booster! :) I read through it twice and really appreciated the info about the ups and downs and constant changes....your right and your descriptions were spot on. Its just so freaky the closer you get the supposed final months. It didnt worry too much when I was only a few weeks post but now the further along I get...the more I fear this is the end result. Ive only had one instance where my tights made an ugly crease on my stomach and that was around 2 weeks post op and I had plenty of is really awful looking, I should have taken a close up with the camera aiming down to really show the know it reminds me of the texture when you have just had a baby...all soft and squishy..yuk! Anyway, I sure wish I was getting my Velashape treatment this week but they are closed for the holiday. I will make sure to massage really good. But thank you again for the compliments and for calming me down! :)
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Hiya :) that's no problem, I'm glad I was able to be of some help in making you feel a little better. But yes you still have a quite a long while to go yet before you can even start worrying about any little weird cleft, cranny and puckered areas being around when you reach your final result; believe me you will see plenty more stuff before the end, and they will have long gone by then. Your body is going through a major transition period right now - skin retraction maybe starting about now (and the skin does not all retract in a smooth orderly fashion, but sometimes as I mentioned previously, will leave you with certain spots that take a litte longer to catch up with the rest). Plus all the internal healing still taking place from the op.So your abs will be shifting around, so to speak, for a while longer until they settle, and I really would not worry about anything until month 6. During my first op (which was majorly traumatic being a botch job), there were a few times when I decided to just ignore my stomach for a while - like maybe a week or so and stop examining it closely for improvements or changes, and it helped my little bouts of paranoia. I'd literally just come out the shower, slather on the cream, hardly looking in the mirror, and then rushing off to do something else, like washing my garment etc. It helped quite a lot in allowing me to start focusing on other things and giving my brain a 'holiday' from worrying about The Vaser Lipo Result. It's so easy for anyone who's had cosmetic surgery to get a little obsessed & start over-focusing on things. Sorry to hear you'll be missing out on your Velashape treatment this week. But yes, take this time to pamper yourself with some self-massaging, it will make you feel better, and from everything I have seen and heard, massage is really key in getting a good flat, smooth result. The massage doesn't need to be too firm, just gentle round circles and/or long slow rhythmic strokes. All helps with draining any remaining fluids, toxins, and that old beast called water retention. which just makes us look fat and bloated even if all we've eaten all week is 3 carrots and a mince pie . Will pop round again to see how you are soon :) Hope you do sort out the your current worry about the slighly indented/puckered area, and a week from now I am sure you'll be saying it was nothing, that is just disappeared by itself and just smoothed itself out. If not, you can pop along to your Dr's to get it checked. But for now I would relax and take it easy. Take care and -- I don't know if you celebrate it, but if you do -- I wish you a very serene and happy Christmas !
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Thanks jade! How are you feeling with a week off from your aftercare massages? I am definitely ready to get back to my velashape on Monday! I have been massages a few times a day since I am not working during the holidays. But I just can't seem to get the cannula lines to soften. He put them there for definition but if they stay hard with scar tissue, that will end up looking awful! Anyway, a belated merry Christmas to you as well!
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Hi WellDeserved :) Actually, I really am rather enjoying (and needed) a bit of a rest during my week off, as I'd been going to the clinic practically every day; even though of course the treatments were very beneficial, I wasn't getting much time off, I always have so much other stuff to do in terms of chores, etc, so was getting quite knackered towards the end. Hope you enjoy your Velashape session today (Mon), and that you get some good results from it. I've just been rubbing in my body butter religiously at night, and then doing some self- massage. it doesn't feel too great (lumps galore under my skin, numb areas, and horrible swollen areas) but since I am at just over 3 weeks post-op I'm resigned to the fact that my mid section will have lumps and bumps and hard areas and swollen areas for a good long while,and I'll just have to wait it out without stressing. At 23 days post-op it's very early days so my body will be going through millions of changes before it settles down. That's why I really wouldn't panic too much yet about your cannula lines -- there is only so much you can do with massage and you can't force it, if it's just not ready. This op is a long and complicated healing process. If it's not making a difference, then it means that it's just too early and you need to give your body a chance to sort things out by itself. I would really only start being concerned about things like that around month 5 - and even then, there are still changes going on all the time. I am sure your lines will soften eventually and you'll abs will look great. I promise! Hope you had a great Christmas and have fun plans for NYE. Am contemplating a party, since that's the day I chuck out that damn police vest/ straitjacket at LAST, but I'm just worried I'll start swelling up during the event, as my body is so used to being so trussed up and constricted (more like strangulated), that I'll have to make a quick vanishing act like cinderella, because I'll be turning into a great big fat pumpkin! I wish I could be of more help with the cannula lines and scar tissue worries you are having, but the whole business of scar tissue-healing and the mid-def and high-def techniques are things I really don't know enough about to give advice. Again, i'd just give it time, especially if your Dr is saying the same thing. All the best - take care of yourself, and hope you have a great New Year:)
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Hi Jade Reading this is music to my ears (or should that be eyes!), I had upper & lower abs and flanks procedure 3 weeks ago and had gone through the same mental torture as WellDeserved thinking it looks fab then it's failed and back to no it looks great - today I am feeling bloated and blue (down not bruised) . Reading Well Deserved review made me feel better but yours has given me a reality check and said BE PATIENT so a very big thank you . GG
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You look beautiful!
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Thank you! How are you feeling lately? Is your swelling mostly gone now? I still have some for sure...end of day mostly and mostly in my abs.
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I feel good. The bottom of my stomach still has some noticeable swelling. If I don't wear any sort of compression it's more obvious. Also, still quite a bit of numbness on my lower back and hips. I've lost 10 pounds since surgery and really like my new shape.
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Thats where I notice the most of my swelling as makes me nervous that I am already 8 weeks out and still have these issues..I really hope by the 4-6 month mark it stops like everyone says. I have heard the flanks, hips take a really long time to get over the numb part. GOOD JOB on the 10 lbs I know you have been working on that post op! Awesome! :)
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