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I took my steri-strips off for the first time...

I took my steri-strips off for the first time yesterday after my appointment and got my first good look at my scar. I have to say, I am stressing out and slightly freaking out. It is not easily hide-able in any garment I own, unless I want to look like I have no middle because I am short in the abdomen. But mostly, I am concerned and worried about the W shape. I did some research last night and today about the difference in the W shape and the U shape scar and I realize its because of tension as to why it is done this way but of course different surgeons prefer different methods. I guess I didn't expect to see the W shape and now have a even more difficult time covering the scar. To say the least I am freaking out and upset. Its only 2 weeks post-op and my only option is to give it time but I am worried because I seem to scar easily and heal slowly so Im worried about the overall outcome. I went into this doing it for one reason and that was to be able to wear a bikini and be comfortable and confident for the first time in my life. I'm worried that I am not going to be able to do that and will still avoid doing things that involve wearing a bikini even after all the time and money put into this surgery. Will the severity of the obvious W fall as it heals? Ugh I just so want to be happy and confident and enjoy my body after working soooo hard to acheive the weight loss and results. Im starting this in the middle of my experience and will go back and update from the beginning but I'm finding myself so frustrated today and just had to vent!


Two weeks means there is still some tension on the incision line. Don't freak out! Give it some time.
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Posting some pics will help determine what others feel about your issue...
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The improvements come slowly. You will look completely different with every month that passes. I'm 5 months post op and I'm just starting to feel happy with my results. Hang in there!
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