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I had a really good experience with Smart Lipo MPX...

I had a really good experience with Smart Lipo MPX. I did alot of research online and in the medical community and had decided against abdominoplasty. I was needing to tighten up areas of my belly and love handles that were resistant to exercise and that appeared post-babies. Smart Lipo was a great choice for me. Some of the pros of the procedure included minimal downtime (I was off work 2 days), relatively minimal pain experience, and the ability to resume a "normal" lifestyle by day 4, including picking up my 2 year old son, and going to the gym. The bruising has all but healed at day 7 and although I don't enjoy wearing the shaping garment it has kept the swelling down. I was back in a size 28 jean by day 4!

I think because I did a lot of research prior to the procedure I don't have any cons to speak of at this time.

I did the smartlipo MPX for me. I didn't want a "muffin top" anymore and since I exercise 4 days per week now and it wasn't changing a thing I wanted to make some changes for me that I thought would work. I am already familiar with lasers as I use them in my own practice so the thought of laser assisted lipo was a great option for me.


Yes, but I'm only 2 weeks post procedure. There are a few lumpy bumpy areas around my tummy that I was told to expect. These are supposed to decrease in the next 2 weeks. At one month I start Velashape to smooth and enhance the results. I'm just really pleased.
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I'm glad to hear it worked out so well for you. Did you notice any skin tightening effects?

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Dr. L was more than willing to answer all my questions at the pre-op exam. He also spoke with me all throughout the procedure and was responsive to my comments and questions. He also personally walked me to my friend's car and was more than willing to take my calls should I have had any concerns. I greatly appreciated this.

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