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I am 41 years old and have had three children. I...

I am 41 years old and have had three children. I had a breast lift with my previous saline implants replaced with memory gels and a tummy tuck. The pain of the breast lift was very minimal. Although, I was very concerned with how much pain I would have with my tummy tuck, honestly I would rate it around 5 on a scale out of 10. As long as I took my pain meds on time and didn't over do it, it was very tolerable. The first night was the roughest due to nausea. I had general anestheia which makes me sick afterwards. For me the anti nausea tablets didn't work fast enough, so I would suggest using the suppositories instead.

I am currently 4 months post op and am so happy with my results. I have healed very well. Dr. R and his staff took excellent care of me during the procedure and post op.

He is an outstanding physician in everyway and has a wonderful bed side manner too. I highly recommend Dr. R for any cosmetic produre and am grateful to have picked him for myself.

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Excellent care Excellent bedside manner Wonderful work Dr. R is not only a wonderful, talented cosmetic surgeon. He truly is a one of a kind professional. Once I began seriously considering the mommy makeover, I did alot of research on the procedure, costs and the type of surgeon that I would trust to do this for me. In doing so, I was excited to find a surgeon with Dr. R's reputation and credentials near my home. Upon scheduling a consultation, I knew that I found the surgeon for me. It's very easy to fall in love with Dr. R and his staff. I was also happily surprised to find that his costs were reasonable - especially considering what he could be charging for his services.

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Looking forward to seeing your photos! It's unusual that you were able to sleep flat on your back right from the get-go, but great! Thanks for sharing your story on RealSelf!

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Hi! Thank you for you comments. I will scan the before and after photos that Dr. Rand gave me and post them for you soon.

On the very first day and night, I had my husband help me with getting up and down. He also helped me with emptying my 3 drains (one for each breast and one for my stomach). After I was over the nausea (first night), getting up and down was not hard...I just had to take things slow. I had breast augmentation in 1997 and that pain was for me worse than my tummy tuck ever was. This surgery was very tolerable in comparsion and was able to sleep flat in my bed or the recliner - which ever one I wanted. With the breast aug. I couldn't lie flat for a week because of the pain and had to sleep in a recliner. I hope this helps!
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thanks it helps a lot
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Glad 2 hear ur doin well 7 pleased with tha result. Hope 2 see pic soon. I also get sick with Rx, hopefully theyll give me somethin ahead. You said tha pain was bearable with meds,were u able 2 get up by yourself? Were u able 2 go up/down stairs? Go 2 bathroom by yourself?
Take care
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hey I'm getting breast reduction and tummy tuck in 4 weeks, now how hard was it for you to get up and down? since you need your arms to help pull your self up, or did someone have to push you up with their foot from the back?lol I'm so not sure what to do till im there.Or if someone has a great idea please let me know.
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Trena, have you read Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide? I highly recommend it.

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yes I have it's very helpful.
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