Leaner, Tighter Abs from Tummy Tuck (Male)

For me, that was the whole point. Like most, I did...

For me, that was the whole point. Like most, I did my research, found a trusted surgeon, got my questions answered, did a reality check on my expectations for surgery, recovery, and final outcomes, and took the plunge with tremendous excitement and only a little anxiety. It has been 30 days since my surgery, and it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT. I look better than I thought I would at this point. I feel better every day. I am back to work. I am exercising again. No doubt I am still healing, but the negatives have been less than expected, while the positives are better than expected. I kept a good record of my experiences, and could probably go on for pages here, but I’ll keep it simple for now and answer questions that anyone cares to ask.

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Looking good. Did you have a pain pump? Are you mostly back to your normal routine now? What's the best single thing about having had this procedure done?
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Your results are awesome! I know you must be thrilled!
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