Treatment is Going Well But Concerned About Flat Butt - Bellevue, WA

So far my treatment has been going well and...

So far my treatment has been going well and I'm happy. I wish I had done a little more research up front so I would have a better understanding of what recovery would be like.

I'm two and a half weeks post op from my lower body lift and am concerned with my flat butt. I was told recently by the nurse that it looks flat because of all the swelling and that when the swelling goes away things will fall into place and I will again have a butt. Is this correct?

So please update ~ did your butt ever UNflatten? Did the lift last? And who was your surgeon? Thank you.
I had a lower body lift a week ago and before i had it my doctor told me that having a lower body lift makes you butt flat, thats the trade off I guess. She also told me to make my body look right she would take fat from my back and move it into my butt. My butt is bigger than it was before surgery but I also cant see the results because of all the swelling in my back. Hope I can help you.
can you post your provider please?
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