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The Only Thing That Has Ever Worked! -Belleville, IL

I have had acne since I was 16. I am now 23. And...

I have had acne since I was 16. I am now 23. And I'm not talking about a zit here and there or just a few when I am PMSing...I am talking my entire face covered in cyctic acne. Constantly. I tried Proactive for a time and it did help. But after awhile my acne came back with a vengence. So my derm prescribed me Retin-A about three months ago.

Cons: Makes skin VERY DRY. Skin gets flaky and peels. I did get an itchy rash on my cheek that lasted for about 5 days, but I don't know if it was from the Retin-A or not.

Pros: My acne is GONE! It faded so gradually that I actually just noticed it about two weeks ago. But now I look in the mirror and I don't hate what I see. I still have some minor acne scars, but from what I understand, Retin-A should help with that too.

Tip: Give it time. Being patient sucks, but it will take awhile for the medication to work. I wanted to give up so many times. My acne even got a little bit worse in some areas before it got better. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give it at least 12 weeks. This is literally the only thing that has worked this well for me.


Wow, I am shocked to hear this cleared up cystic acne, and beyond happy for you!! Were you prescribed anything in combination, such as an antibiotic or Spironolactone?

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I would also love to know if you were using the cream or the gel form - fill me in, fill me in!! :)

I got prescribed birth control, an antibiotic, Duac topical gel and the Retin A cream. I was already using Duac but I stopped almost completely when I began using Retin A because the using both of them together as my derm directed dried my skin out severely. Now I use Duac as a spot treatment for the few zits I get, but I use Retin A every night. I never used the BC or the antibiotic because I don't really like taking pills. So Retin A almost single handedly took out all my acne! :)
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