Liposonix Done May 1, 2012, No Results Yet - Bellair Beach, FL

I spent $2500 to do my back fat area under my bra...

I spent $2500 to do my back fat area under my bra on May 1, 2012 and no results up to now. I should have chosen smartlipo and I would have gotten results. The marketing and sales pitch of liposonix sounded so promising, no downtown, anesthesia, minimal pain....but all for nothing. Like that popular saying, no pain, no gain...I don't recommend liposonix.


I am gonna do the same area in 01/2013, the bra area and I am scuuured! I hear it's so painful. Piad $ 2,200.00 for 8 sites, the amount of area it will cover. Uggh!
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I agree with you about the sales pitch and like you I am beginning to wish I had opted for a more traditional form of lipo and least I wouldn't feel like I had been taken for a ride.
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