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Mixto Laser - 5 Weeks Downtime

I had the Mixto laser performed on my face on the...

I had the Mixto laser performed on my face on the 12th February. I would strongly advise against it as instead of 5 days downtime I am now in my 5th week. My face is still very marked with the shape of the squares, the redness is fading but very, very slowly. I think it will take months, if ever, for my face to be scar free and I certainly would be unable to go out without makeup.

I had the laser performed for open pores. The procedure was excruciatingly painful, like electric shock pain on nerves. My face was extremely swollen for 7 days and then very, very red.

Hello, I'm looking on having mixto fractional co2 laser treatment next week. Can anyone of you please tell me if is worth it or not?

I had it done almost 3 days ago and i was shocked at how much it hurt :( I am waiting to see results right now my face looks like a beet hoping it was worth it in the end but the smell of my burning flesh during the procedure and the intense pain was terriable ....
I had my MiXto 5 days ago and I thought I had made the biggest mistake in my life. The pain was amazingly awful (I had Ativan, Percocet and lidocaine) From ear to ear, as well as my crows feet my face had a brown crust (he did an intensive treatment there, as I am 56). The swelling was awful and I am itchy right now, but an antihistamine takes care of that, and I was warned. I have finished peeling and still have some red lines. I am not sure, but if my face remains looking as line-free as it does now, I will be delighted. The information sheets only give you information on lighter procedures, so I was not prepared for how awful I was going to look afterwards.
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