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I've had botox one week ago and I feel so bad...

I've had botox one week ago and I feel so bad about it! I'm 30 years old and have lots of wrinkels. Crowfeet, between the eyebrows and forhead even on my cheaks. I look a lot older than I am and wanted to try botox. I have terrible constant headaches. It feels like a truck hit my head. I hope it goes away! The plastic surgeon told me not to worry but I do. I 'am reaaly scared! I hope it doens't get worse!!! Somebody else had this feeling??? I feel terrible!!!


I'm sorry to hear about the headache you have been having to deal with. Has it been constant during the entire week?

Here is a forum with many people who have experienced a headache they felt was due to Botox:

How long did your Botox headache last?

Here is some more info that may be of interest:

Muscle Spasm and Headache After Botox?

What to Do About Facial Pain and Headache from Botox?

Please keep in mind while you are reading this information that you may be reading some of the more extreme cases since I did searches specifically for botox/headache. I personally have had botox twice, 20 units the first time and 29 units about 2 weeks ago. I am prone to headaches & haven't noticed any increase in them due to Botox.

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I still have the headache. It's been 8 days know. I don't know what I should do. If I read the forms than I realise that not only I have to suffer this. I think every doctor should tell this to the patients. That this could happen. But they don't. They tell you botox helps migraine and so on. But I'm not telling lies. This is really caused by the botox. I feel sick know because I did this. But I did it because I don't feel good about the way I look. And I'm only 30. I just wantend time to stop the ageing a little bit and this is what I get. I feel so stupid! And I'm scared it will get worse.
Thank you for the support!
And sorry for my english, I do my best!
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