42, Labiaplasty Went Wrong

I had labiaplasty on the left side because it was...

I had labiaplasty on the left side because it was just much larger and a source of irritation in clothing etc.
The surgeon said twice he would correct the size and make it as small as the right one. It was done under general anesthesia because I had my implants removed as well;

When I woke up I had a very sharp pain in between my legs. When i took a mirror a few days later, I was shocked to find out he took away all of my left labia and sew it to my outer labia. Now I have three labia and when I open my legs, you see my vagina right away. I feel amputated.

The pain was very intense for 2 weeks. Despite my efforts to desinfect after every visit to the toilet, the stitches are gone for 70% and the wound is open and yellow in between.

My doctor left on holiday for Christmas for 2 weeks. Any advice is welcome.


I would make an appointment with a gynecologist to confirm that nothing needs to be done.
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Sorry to read this. Docs who do not do many of this surgery I think make it sound like it is too easy.
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Re-operated and antibiotics

I saw the assistant of my surgeon this morning. He proposed to cut away the infected parts right away and sew it together again. He prescribed antibiotics and now it should heal.

As for the esthetic part, that's another story. He says to be patient.


I would advise to use a natural oils such as coconut oil or grapeseed they have healing properties. Instead of Vaseline... Vaseline does not allow oxygen to penetrate and can cause a yeast infection.
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I love coconut oil...so soothing!!
Have you healed yet? Mine split open too at day 8 post op. I'm 3 weeks post op now and still not even 75% healed.. :/
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