Lipo Results on Thighs

I had a very good experience with Dr. H and his...

I had a very good experience with Dr. H and his assistant Michele. The procedure went very smoothly and my thighs look great.

Dr. H fixed what diet and exercise could not. He is a very caring and attentive plastic surgeon. I never felt rushed and he was careful to answer all of my questions. The liposuction recovery was fast. I went to work the next day.

Although not typical I was in great shape prior to the surgery and have a high pain tolerance. My clothes look and fit great. I should have done it years ago. It was worth every penny.

Glad you had a positive experience. I would like to get lipo on my thighs and "banana roll" but I am afraid that it will leave my rear droopy... I have a pear shape that even when I am at my ideal weight it is not minimized... I would like to keep the curves but not too much...any suggestions? How much did you get removed? I am wondering if you had very little removed, therefore a very fast recovery.
where did u get done at can i get the Dr inf did your scarf is big o small

Hi Luna1261

{edited}  He also has an office in Towson.

My scar is invisible. I know there is one but I can't find it. The incision is very small. Dr. H is very competent and explains the entire procedure to you. There is a surgical facility relatively near his office and I had it done there. I had surgery in the morning and I was released a couple of hours later. Some pain but not much. My thighs look great. Dr. H will also give you a free consultation. Yu will not be sorry. Good luck and tell him Susan Moore (that's me) recommended him.

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Bel Air Plastic Surgeon

excellent service and care for the money plus he is board certified.

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