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I tried Perfector Arasys for first time skin...

I tried Perfector Arasys for first time skin rejuvenation. I am 36 years old and have young skin, but due to too much sun exposure i have little brown spots & some slight dark circles under eyes due to hyperpigmentation. Well, i did not see any change in these despite the fact that Perfector state that they erase these! and i did a whole 12 sessions. Also no tightening effect or thickening of skin as stated; you only feel the tightening on 1st & second session, but that's it... Maybe it works better on older skins with wrinkles and sagging. The only effect i saw was a brightening of face but you can get the same thing using a Vitamin C cream or serum like the Obagi C serum i use. Such a waste of money...Really dissapointed :(

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Sounds like the treatment you had in Lebanon was an IPL therapy. There are many different names for these machines. I would recommend IPL therapy parallel topical skin lightening creams such as Melarase, or risk the fact that the pigmentation may return. Another option is the MelaPeel for facial pigmentation.
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Hi Cutenana - haven't heard more about Arasys in the RealSelf community.  Hope you've been able to find an alternative that you find helpful.

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