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I am 32 Male, had vaser lipo for My tummy , chest...

I am 32 Male, had vaser lipo for My tummy , chest & love handles 1 month ago , my dr removed 8 ltrs of fat , My tummy looks much smallaer, but still it is not flat ( used to have a big one) is there possibility not to have a flat stomach? or it will continue to get smaller? the thing is that for my chest and love handles the results are very clear and nice since the 1st 2 weeks I am not sure why I cant see full good results for the tummy

Dear Kevin565, the key is that you mention you "used to have a big one". You probably have a significant amount of visceral (intra-abdominal) fat which can not be removed with liposuction. This will only disappear with changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise. Remember also that its not only what you take out, but also what you leave behind. Removing excess fat may leave you with lax skin and result in permanent skin creasing. Discuss this with the Doc on your followup visit.
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