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I Had a Bad Experience - Beirut, LB

Hi all, I did a lasik surgery in Lebanon from 6...

Hi all, I did a lasik surgery in Lebanon from 6 when I was 18 years old. Before doing it I had -8 in the right eye and -9 in the left eye (myophe). Now after it I still don't see as I should, I have -7 in the right eye. And -6 in the left eye (myophe) I really don't know the reason, I did a second eye photo to see if my cornea permit to re-do it, the doctor say that my cornea don't permit to re-do it I have a thin cornea (3 mm).. He offer me to do icl, but really don't know what to do, I'm really sick about this situation. Any advice?

I am shocked by your story. Where did u find ur surgeon ? I am a surgeon myself and I never treat more than 8,0 Diopters in Myopia. There is something wrong from the beginning with your case. Sorry , really u have no chance. Do not do ICL !!!! Never !!!!
my sister had all the after effects of lasik and was miserable for months. after doing some online research we found a dr in Maryland who specializes and treats lasik problems. most of my sisters problems have been resolved. she has not been this happy in months!! here is the docs web site lasikfailures.com I see that youre in Lebanon, but ya never know....
hi can i knoq where did you do the surgery? i am about to do it in lebanon and i am confused...
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