Scarred for Life by Third Degree Burns, Need Reconstructive Surgery - Beirut, Lebanon

I had laser lipo on my thighs, abdomen, and...

I had laser lipo on my thighs, abdomen, and something the doctor called a "mini-lift" on my upper arms. (I think he just pushed the laser around, without suction.)

I have about 12 holes from the cannula in just my legs, plus many more on my abdomen and buttocks. I have a huge gash on my upper right thigh now, which looks like a dog took a big bite of my leg. This is the result of a third degree burn, where the necrosis (dead burned cells) had to be removed. I also have 3rd degree burns on the back of my arms, which require skin grafts, as I was advised by a legitimate doctor, whom I consulted for a second opinion. The thigh injury site would have to be surgically excised and then stiched together, as there is no way it would heal by itself, he said. I would be left with a 10cm scar afterwards. The skin grafts on the arms would also leave scars but not as bad as if they were left to heal by themselves.


WOW so sorry 4 u!
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مرحبا I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through. :( Are you going to speak to a doctor about a revision surgery?

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Dr Hajjar

Third degree burns, lifelong scars, fat not suctioned after laser, no effects visible.

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