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I had Pixel Laser resurfacing last Saturday. I had...

I had Pixel Laser resurfacing last Saturday. I had discovered lines around and under my eyes when I smile and I was looking more and more tired.

The results are fabulous in one session at medium setting. The treatment itself was less painful than IPL, felt like a sunburn. The redness and the sunburn pain disappeared the day after. The laser marks were not too visible, and except a dry skin for 3-4 days, I was able to resume my activities without anyone noticing.

The effects were visible from the day after. The dark skin under my eyes had disappeared, the whole zone is looking plumpier and fuller, the fines lines I disliked faded almost totally, same for my forehead and nasolabial. My skin is smoother than it has ever been. I m more than happy with the results.

Pros: not too inconvenient in my case, limited pain and downtime, incredible results for my peri-orbital region, I will do it again

Cons: I developed a bout of cystic acne (which is recurrent with me), have to resume Minocin for a couple of months


I've read some of the other "reviews" and I can't believe they actually had Pixel treatments, given how extreme their side effects were. My procedure was done at 1100 joules...totally done under the correct parameters for my skin type as set up by the manufacturers of the machine. (Alma) I had similar effects that you did. I have a hard time believing that so many laser operators would work outside the parameters of the machine to substantiate the multitude of "oh, it was so painful" or the "oh I was red for weeks" out there. My procedure was done in Stafford, VA incidentally.
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They probably had CO2 pixel, it's different than harmony pixel
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