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Radiesse Doesn't Work for Marionette Lines

Help! I had radiesse for marionette lines 9 months...

Help! I had radiesse for marionette lines 9 months ago at 54. My chin was flawless. All puffed up. Then I had ablative laser resurfacing 3 months later which immediately melted the radiesse and it was like deflating a balloon. There were new lines I didn't think I had on my chin.

5 months after laser resurfacing I had 3 injections of radiesse and 1 injection of restalane into the marionette and chin lines (different times). The lines are a little better but not flawless like before. The radiesse this time looked fantastic for 4 weeks then the wrinkles came back. This is costing me a fortune.

Pros: radiesse had a special buy one syringe get second free

Cons: neither radiesse or restylane seem to work

not sure if I still need more fillers


Why isn't Radiesse working this time? Any suggestions?
I've now had my 3rd treatment--I am waiting for the results (the Radiesse company paid for the third on--and this time I had the doctor do it instead of his nurses. My face is still swollen so I won't know if it worked. The second syringe was a half syringe and didn't work at all, like the first one.

The Radiesse company rep said if it didn't work this time, then the product just isn't for me. So I hope it works.
Radiesse didn't work for me either on my marionette lines. The company who makes Radiesse agreed to pay the doctor to redo it. I'm going to do this next week, but the Radiesse people said if it doesn't work this time then maybe it's not the product for me. They had no explanation of why it didn't work.
How did your second syringe of Radiesse work for you? I now know that a lot of the problem is the injector (doctor). I found a very good doctor who knows the proper technique. But it took 3 times to fill the marionette lines. He said that when it doesn't work it means there is not enough Radiesse to fill the lines. He was right. After the 3rd time, it was absolutely perfect. No marionette lines at all. It won't last I know. I have now been thinking about fat injections down the road because they can be permanent. Good Luck!
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