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New Dr. New Procedure - Bedford Hills, NY

I have had perlane in the past for my deep...

I have had perlane in the past for my deep nasiofolds (marionette lines). The dr. always injected straight into the folds and I would see improvement, but still noticeable. I decided to try a new dr. at a medical "spa". He told me that injecting straight into the folds is the old school of thought and now the better way is to inject around the cheek, and the side of the face to give a "lift". In theory it sounded good, but when he finished (2 syringes at double the cost) there was no difference in how my face looked. When I looked in the mirror I told him that I was disappointed. He then offered to use another syringe, but I didn't want to spend even more money. I thought maybe I was being too critical of my face or maybe my expectations were too great. I went home and asked my husband what he thought. When he stated he didn't notice anything different, I knew it wasn't just me. I guess Perlane is only as good as the Dr. who is injecting it.

Argh :( What a bummer to spend all that money and not see the difference. I'm so sorry. I think you make a great point though, that the skill of the injector seems to be key.

I'm assuming you will use the filler again, just with a different injector, is that correct?

Actually I called the office and told them that I am very dissatisfied. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will keep you posted. I have had perlane injections in the past, and have always walked away with instant results. Of course my Nasiolabial fold is too deep to eliminate it entirely but atleast it would look less noticeable.

Please do keep us posted what goes on at tomorrow's appointment. It sounds like your expectations are reasonable, so hopefully you guys can find a way for all parties to be satisfied. :)


So I called the office and scheduled an...

So I called the office and scheduled an appointment. (follow up appointments aren't standard) I advised the dr. that I was very disappointed. He became a little upset but stated that my satisfaction was his priority so he gave me an injection of radiesse in my nasiolabial lines, free of charge. I saw instant results and was very pleased with the outcome. I will post before and after pictures on the radiesse section soon.
My man said the same thing to me when I had the same thing done. I had it done by a medspa .Restalyne was used and do not like it. I had injections into my cheeks and some under my corners of the mouth and all disapeared within a week and am so pissed. I call it fraud. I am going to go back and ask that they either refund my money or give me another filler that would last longer or I will report them to the Attorney generals office consumer fraud division. I hope they will do it for free.
Wow.. Perhaps the depth of your line has not decreased but you look much younger! I would choose this treatment for you over the other. The volume in your cheeks has taken 10 years off. You really do look pretty.
I don't see that he did anything either. :/
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