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Traditional Braces in High and a Permanent Retainer - 6 Yrs Later, All of my Teeth Have Shifted

At the time I had a good experience with this...

At the time I had a good experience with this treatment, and was pretty excited. However, now it's like the retainers that my doctor put in were completely worthless and I want to know how I should go about getting this fixed. I'm not happy at all with how the permanent retainers worked.

I had traditional braces in high school and after my treatment ended my doctor put permanent retainers on the back of my teeth. Now, 6 years later, my upper teeth are all spaced out and have gaps and my bottom teeth have shifted as well. Have you heard of this before and should my old doctor have to fix this? Thanks!


Its really unfortunate that your teeth shifted with the permanent retainers in, but relapse does happen sometimes. From the reviews I've read a lot of people in your situation choose Invisalign the 2nd go around with orthodontics so you might want to read over some of the Invisalign reviews to get a feel for if you want to consider that or not.

There was a question in our Q&A of a person with a similar story (shifting after braces, but they didn't wear their retainer). Click here if you would like to read what the dentists had to say.

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I think so. He did a great job in getting the teeth fixed initially.

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