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I chose to have breast augmentation surgery after...

I chose to have breast augmentation surgery after breast feeding two children. I wanted to look bigger and fuller under shirts and in bathing suits and I didn't want to wear a water bra any more.

10 days post surgery I know my surgeon did a great job. But, at this point I don't think they are the size we discussed. I don't look much bigger than I already looked when wearing a water bra. They look natural and great but I'm never going to get that wow factor I was hoping for.


I am considering having this procedure done. Could you please tell me who you went to and if they treated you well?
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I used {edited} in Houston. I do feel I was treated well, and I am SO glad I did it. I have a much stronger body image now. I do feel he is a bit conservative on sizing, so as with any Dr, be as sure as possible about the size you want. I've never done anything like this before, so I can't compare Dr. S to other surgeons. He seems very caring, kind, and easy to talk to.

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