Be Careful Of What You Sign YOU Will Owe

I went to this LIPO DISSOLVE for a consultation...

I went to this LIPO DISSOLVE for a consultation only. They told me they could help me lose inches and obtain tighter thighs. They had me fill out all the paper work. I did not know I applied for a credit card to have this procurer completed. They wanted to make me an appointment for two weeks. I told them I had Low Blood Sugar and would have to talk to my family doctor. I called them back in December 2006 told them I could not get this done. Per My Doctor.

In December 2006 I received a bill form CareCredit with a balance of $4000. I called this company to tell them I did not use this card or even have anything done .I was told I would have to dispute this change and they would send me the paper work. Over the next few months between the many many phone calls to collect and the negative reports on my CBR. I finally did get LIPO Dissolve to refund me 3800.00. But now Care Credit is charging me 526.37 to use there service. I in no way feel I owe anything but willing to pay 200.00 if all this mess is cleared up. I do however feel LIPO DISSOLVE is abusing the patience to gain funds. I have filed dispute after dispute now I still owe.
I am glad you mentioned taking other routes to resolve this issue with Care Credit. I went to Complete Laser in Hickory, NC for Accent Laser treatments. During the treatment session the lady continued to talk about how I should apply for Care Credit for liposuction. I told her I had the money and did not need Care Credit. She then told me it would help me with my credit. I do not need help with my credit.
Wow. I keep reading these horrible testimonies. I also keep seeing some jerk scream at people to quit playing the victim. Obviously that person has a few issues with abuse. I would suggest that you quit disputing this bill through the avenues that they provide. It doesn't make much sense to go to the one defrauding you and ask that they play nice. I would file a written complaint with the AG. I would serve a pro se summons and complaint for any Fair Credit Reporting Act violations. You may also consider filing a complaint with the medical licensing board. I can't imagine they would condone lying to a patient, even if it was about financing and not medical treatment. In the end, you may need to create a little momentum and get these people to back off. The momentum you create to get this fixed not only helps you, but it also makes it a little easier for the next one who gets hustled. Good Luck.
O-please, stop playing the victim! You are an adult right? If so, then you should know to read before you sign anything. I have a feeling you blame others for your own mistakes. Maybe this is your wake up call. You can only be taken advantage of if you let them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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