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Had the Lifestyle Lift in Denver over one year ago...

Had the Lifestyle Lift in Denver over one year ago in 2007. Although I had an improvement and the procedure was tolerable (recovery longer than expected) I now have permanent horrible puckering and scars behind my ears -and a scar that extends below my earlobe into my neck area. Also have some numbness, asymmetry, and occasional pain in one ear.

The company won't refund any money. My surgeon is no longer with the Denver office. The office will do a free surgical revision but in a recent consult with one of their other experienced surgeons, he indicated my expectations were unrealistic. He said patients shouldn't have the surgery if their expectation is that after the procedure they will be able to wear any hair style and not have to worry about hiding scars. I wonder what they tell male patients with short hair. The second surgeon also said that there was the possibility that I may need TWO surgical revisions in order to get rid of the scars.

I don't know how many people had good results - all I can say is I didn't and I wouldn't do it again!

Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgeon

After one year, permanent scars behind both ears, scars on neck, numbness, asymmetry.

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I had my procedure in Denver in 2009. Still have the terrible puckering behind both ears, the left is the worst. The surgeon who performed mine left immediately after my botched procedure. No news on the lawsuit.
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I had aLSL in Jan of 2009. I have had lots of problems as well. I have recently been contacted about a recently filed class action lawsuit against LSL. Reply if you want the contact info. Marian
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So sorry it isn't lasting longer. I'll bet you're gorgeous, anyway, dah-link!
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that is not the point, that you think that Ms. Glass is darling anyway! TI is what they put you through! They lie! They have awful customer service! Who know s what the MD actually did in there or how sterile thier equipment is!? I had mine done in Seatttle 6 weeks ago and I still cry myself to sleep everynight because of the pain! IT hurts so bad and is so tight that I cannot do anything! I have missed so much work I might get fired. They said it would heal in 3 to 5 days! That is such a lie! My own MD said NO surgury heals in that length of time! I pray that it heals at all-I have read so many horro stories! I would not recomment this to anyone! Go to a "real" doctor! I also wish that someone would file a class action suit with them because they would have so many women hop on board put this company out of business where it belongs!
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MERRY CHRISTMAS. I had my lsl done around a year ago, it looked great for about the 1st 7 months. Now my jowls are starting to show again. On the right side about eye level there is a pucker in the hairline. My skin pigment turned white. It looks kind of odd, because I have freckles, so it shows. My Dr. is a great guy & took very good care of me, his assistant also was great. I just wish that the jowls weren't starting to reappear again. I thought the results would last MUCH LONGER. I had my lsl done in Seattle, WA.
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I had a regular lower facelift from a board certified plastic surgeon that cost $5,100 and included general anesthesia, all the after-care I needed. I was back to work in a week. There was some bruising, some pain, but the scars are completely hidden. I can wear my hair any way I like. The results were amazing. I'm sixty-five. I'm not sure why one would choose a lifestyle life, instead. I checked it out, too, and here, it cost $100 MORE than mine.
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