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Botox for Forehead Frownlines

I began my first round of Botox for forehead...

I began my first round of Botox for forehead frownlines in Nov 2008'. Six months later I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the Skin. (Lupus pernio on the nose). I had two more Botox visits and then stopped.

I was very happy with Botox treatment, however the AutoImmune disorder has discouraged me from continuing these treatments. I have read that AutoImmune disorders make you less of a candidate for such treatments. I'm interested in knowing if the AutoImmune disorder would rule me out as a candidate at this time ?

it's been over a year and my sarcoidosis has not yet resolved itself and I would like to resume with Botox for frownlines. Does anyone know if it is safe to do so considering Sarcoidosis is an AutoImmune disorder.
When you say your sarcoid hasn't resolved yet, what is happening with you? Try and stay positive and exercise, eat right and try to avoid processed foods. I'm writing this after I just ate a ton of potato chips:-) I do try to eat fresh and organic when possible and exercise is very important to me. I've been dx with sarcoid about 13 years ago. I have some neuro effects which drive me insane, but I take klonopin and it really helps the numbness. Good luck to you and I'd love to hear how your botox worked. This will be my first time.

I am considering this and I spoke with Dr. Monheit in Birmingham. He has been published in many health magazines and I consider him to be the best. He isn't doing my botox, but my doctor who is conservative and wonderful asked that I get his opinion first. He has performed two facial surgeries on me for basal cell cancers. He said it was fine, just not fillers. I haven't done it yet, but am planning on getting my frownies done. Good luck to you and happy smooth skin. I hope your sarcoid doesn't get you down. Kelley
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