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Nasal Labial Fold Lines - Botox Gone Wrong

I was considering fat transplat injections. Before...

I was considering fat transplat injections. Before this procedure My surgeon recommended I receive botox injections on each side of Nasal labial Fold Lines (below the nose and mouth).

Now I am left with a crooked mouth. It affects my speech and smile. When I went back to the dr. he said this can happen as Botox can "move" from injected site and I would just have to wait till it wears off.

Dr.'s asst. performed injections. She was unsure where exactly to inject botox and had discussion with dr. in front of me. He took her aside to "show" her on chart the proper sites to be injected.

Can botox really move from injected site???
Thank you so much to all of you who have replied to my post. I really appreciate all your responses and will act accordingly.
WOW! Sorry but it will wear off within a few months. I would complain to the doctor in writing or e/mail. So sorry it has happened Dr Blinski, MIAMI
The ineptitude of a doctor or nurse is not one of the risks you assume regardless of what you sign. I am happy for you that your botox results are good but if you read enough of these posts you will find that people often have good results with botox for years and years only to eventually have a disaster.
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He is arrogant and dismmissive.

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