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Although I'm only 34 years old, I've...

Although I'm only 34 years old, I've always been on the petite side with a thin face. I love to exercise, but greatly disliked the volume loss I was experiencing in my face. I have done fillers for years, as I work in the business as a nurse.

I had fat transfer done a month ago, and I'm very pleased. The amount of correction it has given me is far above and beyond what fillers could give me. Even my husband is very pleased...that says ALOT!

I am looking for someone who has had great results from a facial FT. Would you mind maybe posting pics or giving an update? Name your doctor?

Thank you.
Hi, Im looking to have the same procedure. I live in the bay area and would like to know what Dr you performed your fat transfer. Im getting scared after reading so many bad reviews. Did you have it done under your eyes and cheek area?
Hi, yes I had a full facial fat transfer which included under the eyes and cheeks. This is my second one, because as you may have read that fat can be reabsorbed into your body. I went to 2 different dr's because I have relocated. I was way more pleased with the 2nd dr. His name is Mario Imola and located in Englewood/Denver area of Colorado. He specializes in the face to include facial trauma patients. Highly skilled and definitely recommend him. Good luck!
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