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It probably comes as no surprise that I have hated...

It probably comes as no surprise that I have hated my nose for a long time. It was perfectly fine until I was about 12 or 13 and then it just got horrible. Plastic surgery was never an option because I couldn't afford it so I just lived with my nose and have been self conscious about it every day for the last 14 years.

Things are different now. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that plastic surgery is a viable option. I was really exited and made up my mind that I would like to go through with it. I stumbled upon RealSelf and have been floored by all the success stories. It made me feel even better about the decision. Based on positive reviews and patient experiences, I even picked the surgeon I would like to schedule a consultation with at the beginning of the year. Everything seemed to be lining up.

In the spirit of being extremely paranoid and cautious about everything, I started searching the Internet regarding anesthesia risks and plastic surgery deaths. That was enough to halt my plans and really make me rethink this procedure. I'm basically terrified now and wonder if the risks are worth it.

For those of you who have gone through the surgery, did you have a similar fear? How did you get over it? I've never had surgery before and am reluctant to have elective surgery. A lot of the reviews I have read don't seem to address the risks or come off as non-chalant about the seriousness of surgery. Any feedback you have would be so helpful. I really hate my nose and would love to fix it, but now I'm freaking out. Thanks!

Hey, I think it's totally normal to be nervous about anesthesia and surgery, I know I was! I would say the first thing to help overcome your fear is to find a doctor that you feel really comfortable with. Do your research and find a couple (or few) to meet with. Don't be afraid to voice your concerns with them. I was very much at ease with my doctor, and feeling confident that I made the right decision did a lot to help my nervousness. Also, just tell yourself that surgeries like this are very common, and yes, while there are risks, the likelihood of something going wrong is very small. You know what helped me out with my fear of anesthesia? The fact that they asked SO MANY QUESTIONS about my medical history, allergies, etc. I knew that they were covering all their bases and making sure that things were as safe as possible. Lastly, be confident in your decision to have this surgery in the first place. It sounds like you have thought about it for awhile and want to do this, so that's good. Just keep telling yourself that it will be so worth it in the end. When I woke up after my surgery, I felt a little silly about how nervous I was the day before and earlier that morning. It was no big deal! Anyway, good luck making your decision. :)
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. It really helps to hear from someone who has already been through it. I'm taking my time on making a decision because I want to feel totally comfortable. I know that if I do it, the second I wake up from surgery will be the biggest relief ever. I guess that's the part that scares me the most. Anyway, I hope your healing is going well and thanks again for taking the time to comment!

Yes, that is a fear almost all of us have. I did! Though this link I'm going to give you is asked in the breast augmentation community, I think a lot of it applies to your situation as well.

Go here to see what several doctors say about risk of death during plastic surgery.

With rhinoplasty it's especially important to choose your surgeon carefully so you'll get satisfactory results. Here's what some doctors have to say about choosing the right surgeon.

I hope this information comforts you and gives you what you need to enter this journey armed with the facts.

Please keep us posted!

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