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A couple months ago, I had a “non-surgical chin...

A couple months ago, I had a “non-surgical chin augmentation,” with Dr. Mabrie, i.e. fillers injected into my chin, specifically Perlane. I was using it as kind of a test run to see how I looked with an extended chin without going through surgery first. I LOVE the result. It’s natural looking and no one has noticed a thing, other than someone claiming to think I look 25 (haha).

Since I love the result, I'm not sure now that I will ever decide on a surgical chin augmentation (since my chin wasn't That bad in the first place). I have since returned to Dr. Mabrie for a touch-up with Radiesse in my chin, and will go back next time for a permanent filler. 

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I chose Dr. M based on online reviews. I think that's all I'm going to need. Dr. Mabrie has been a great doctor. I couldn't find anyone else willing to do a non-surgical chin aug and Dr. Mabrie does it so well that I don't mind having only one local choice for it! He's also quick to respond to e-mails. Thanks again, Dr. Mabrie!

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Hi kmom3 - any updates on your non-surgical chin implant? You look great with it! Did you end up going back and getting the Artefill?
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Thank you so much. This is very helpful. I am just starting to do my research and have only today discovered non-surgical chin aug. by way of injections. Like you, my chin is not that bad, but I still have always been self-conscious. I hear many "horror" stories and don't know if it's worth the stress of going through surgery and risks involved, including risking not liking the results. Any other words of advice on injections? How long did it take, cost and how often do you have to go back?
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Wow :) you look amazing! It's really wonderful to see how a pretty girl can have a slight change that brings her face into a bit more harmony, and what a change it makes to her appearance. Go you! I hope you're enjoying your new look :)
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Thank you, Rosaleen! I am totally happy with my results :)
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Ask other doctor's why they are not willing to do it! There is a reason for that!
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NewVibe, are you saying doctors are not willing to do an implant or fillers? Yikes I am so sorry for your situation. Really makes me think-live without a chin or not feel my face.
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I just had a chin augment 8 weeks ago. I still can't feel my chin and lower lip because the mental nerve is stretched when inserting the implant. See if your doctor tells you that there is very slight chance that you might end up with nerve damage. And what the implication is? Listen to this close if you cannot feel your lower you won't be able to feel a kiss again. Just the top lip but some of feeling a kiss comes from the bottom lip. When you eat food you won't know whether you are chewing on your lip. It can take months for it to come back and there is a slight chance of permanent damage. I think more needs to be done to not stretch the nerve. Doctors need to inject local anesthesia into there lower lip and chin for several days to experience life like that so they can empathize with making advances in not damaging or stretching the nerve.
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Yeah - it makes sense that this can happen. A close friend of mine had jaw surgery to bring her jaw forward, as part of orthodontic work. Anyway, for about a year she had all sorts of weird stuff happening, including major numbness and even a clicking noise when she chewed. It all went away, though, after 12 months. I'm sure it'll be the same for you NewVibe!
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what do you consider a permanent filler kmom3?? I don't know of any, which is why I am asking! please let me know. I like your result.
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Hi Dana259, I believe Dr. Mabrie said he uses Artefill for his permanent fillers.
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