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When I was 15 years old I was a 34 DDD, and tried...

When I was 15 years old I was a 34 DDD, and tried for 4 years to get a reduction while I was still on my parents insurance. I have numerous problems, one of the worst ones being sciatica. Now I am 26 and before today was a 38 K. After going to several different doctors as a teen, I was repeatedly turned down for a referral and told I was too young, was not capable of making such a decision, needed more tests, x-rays, history of doctors visits. Worst of all one doc claimed I needed to have a baby first... because the surgery would be a "waste" otherwise, and I would want to be able to experience breastfeeding. Well... at 21 I DID have a baby and it was impossible for me to breastfeed, my breasts had became so enlarged and my nipples were to large for him to latch on, plus he was practically being suffocated by them. It was heartbreaking. And worse my breasts never shrank back when my milk dried up. I put on about 80 lbs after that because I was so depressed, I thought that I was in pain before... I was sadly mistaken. I picked up a factory job and have been working 60-70hrs a week for about 3 years now and the pain has become insurmountable. My back, neck, feet are constantly aching. So I started working out an dieting, and in about 8 mos I lost 75lbs and 0 inches around my bust line. It was so discouraging, but I have insurance now so I decided to pick the fight again. And with how simple it was it didn't feel real. I was immediately approved, paid just under $500, and they took out 5 lbs. The second I took a deep breathe I cried, because I no longer feel like I'm being crushed under my own weight. Not even 24 hrs in and I am in pain but it is so worth it, a few more weeks of pain for my life being given back to me is a fair trade.
Thank you ladies, I won't get into the negatives right now, I'm trying to keep my mind off it. I enjoy singing the blues as a hobby and can actually sing better. I have better breath control and more confidence. My face and neck looks slimmer. My back feels really good so far, and my neck/shoulders. I can't wait to get back to work to see if all my pain is gone or what I will still have issues with.
You go girl.... Congrats on your surgery:)
Congrats-- on your reduction. You have a great attitude about the trade offs. You will feel even better after the girls heal.
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