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I'm really excited about my upcoming surgery. For...

I'm really excited about my upcoming surgery. For the past year I been so focused on getting a bbl and eventually getting a tummy tuck. But after reading many bbl profiles from women that actually went through with it, the results are disappointing. It's funny how all the best pre and post op pictures are on the doctor's website but after performing so many that the quality is no longer there. Plastic surgery aint cheap so um...I'll wait for consistent quality.

My tummy tuck surgery will be performed by Dr. Gary W. Cox at Associates in Plastic Surgery located in Baton Rouge, LA. You have no idea how relieved I was to see all their surgery prices listed on their website. It saves so much time! I was calling nearly every facility that does the surgery in Louisiana and 80% of them said prices will be discussed after consultation which ranged from $50-$100 a consult. I must admit that I'm low on funds and price was definitely a factor for me. I chose the center because there are 5 doctors that I can chose from.

Now let me be bluntly honest on my experience. My consultation was today. I drove 2 hours to get there. It lasted for about a hour. When I first walked through the doors two ladies were at the desk. I don't remember being greeted just basically a sign in here. Then they continued to have their private conversation. My appointment was at 2:30 but I arrived at 12. The purpose of that was to view before and after pics of all surgeons. I called two days ago and asked if I can do that and lady quickly said yes. But when I got there it was "you have to wait until you go to the back." Miraculously I was called to the back after completing all paper work which was around 12:40. I was shocked to see the doctor because he looks totally different from the pic they have online. In the picture he looks mid 30's but in person he looks late 60's. Big difference huh? Anyway he was straight to the point. He answered my few questions. I admired his honesty. He didn't assure me anything. He told me which portion he would cut off and which areas would be liposuctioned. He said he would try to get it flat but due to different genetics, I am naturally bigger at top abdomen area and unsure if that would get too flat and cant promise that I would go down a size. He basically was saying to not get my hopes too high. At first I was pissed but quickly realized that its best to stay realistic. I prefer that he said what he did instead of promising me a teenager belly. Its best to promise realistic results and over achieve than to promise the idle look and under achieve. That's the way I looked at it.

Quote for tummy tuck is $5,825 ($3,750 surgeon fee, $1,375 operating room, $700 anesthesia) but it is ($750 for optional lipo). Therefore my quote is $6,550 because I'm getting lipo.

The financial lady was also straight forward. I asked the nurse for before and after pics and she said the finance lady would let me see those. Then when I got to the finance lady she said "oh so they didn't show you that yet?" I viewed the pics and of course they were all great. The only thing I hate is the scar kind of extends beyond the panty line. Its not like I'm going to be wearing a two piece but um...you just never know. I then asked to see the other doctors before and after pics but it seemed like she was startled by my request. She asked which one. I said um anyone. She brought in Dr Dean pictures which looked similar to Dr Cox pictures. There is no deposit upon booking the surgery but the surgery must be paid in full 3 weeks before your surgery date.

All consultations are free and I'm not sure if they are used to people acquiring about the surgery but never book...only to have wasted their time. Because they were not very friendly. I didn't feel too welcomed with them. The entire staff just seemed... there. But either way I am still getting the surgery because Dr Cox does great work. He has 20years experience. Plus they are the cheapest. Everyone else in this state is $8k and up. I just want it over with. My pre op appointment is 5/20/14. Feel free to comment or inbox me anytime. Even if I'm not updating often I still check my messages. I notice there aren't really any reviews of this facility. So hopefully I can share my unbiased experience with them.

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pre op pics

I decided to not get the lipo with tummy tuck. If my belly not as flat as i want it after tummy tuck then I'm just gonna have to work on improving it by working out. Currently i am 5`3 @ 162 pounds.


Looking forward to seeing your results and experience with it. I am also looking to get a TT here in Baton Rouge. I am 44 yrs old and had 2 c-sections where they messed up my stomach so I really would like to get that fixed.
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Well hello there. As you noticed there are a number of surgeons to choose from in the baton rouge and new orleans area. Just make sure you take your time and do your research. It seems like nearly every woman I know that carried at least one kid has post baby belly. Thankfully a tummy tuck exist so we don't have to envy the younger tighter belly ladies.Thanks for following my review, hopefully I can provide as much insight as possible. I wish you the best on your journey as well.
Was lipo extra?
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pictures say one thousand words

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skinny girl trapped

So my guy friend offered to take me to Biloxi Monday. He told me this last week and I decided Friday that I would go with him. Obviously we were going to the beach so I went to the store to find some basic beach dresses. Well um needless to say I don't feel good in any of them. They all were the cutest dresses ever but look at that black dress I have on (pic posted) and you can see my skinny legs with huge mid section. Even with tight undergarments it still couldn't hide it. So I told him last night that I don't feel comfortable on the beach. Of course he was aggravated because I been telling him how I hate my protruding belly. From what I was told, it's a turn off when someone has insecurities. He no longer try to convince me otherwise because the conversation would always lead to more insecurity issues. So I also posted a picture of us together which he mentioned he was going to post on facebook. NOOOOOO! He really thought nothing was wrong with the pictures. Look at those pictures ladies. Even you can pin point what is wrong with them. Now I totally understand why some people mistake me for being pregnant. I feel like I am truly a small girl surrounded by this huge hereditary gut. Currently I am a size 14. Most of that is to avoid the muffin top but I'm certain that once the belly is gone I can fit in a size 10. Even with a size 14 pants I am consistently pulling them up because they always falling off me. After analyzing my semi nude pics I think its best to get lipo with tummy tuck. I don't know why this is such a hard decision to make. One girl who had a tummy tuck with my doctor said she don't see where she was liposuction at. I guess I just don't want to feel cheated but now I see I need lipo. When I go to my pre op appointment May 20th I might get him to add it.

Yes, I do want to move up my surgery date! But I promised my kids we would take a road trip to Panama, FL in April for their Easter vacation. So I took some vacation time from work for that which was already approved. Plus I want my recovery to be non hectic which is why I wanted it to be right after kids get out of school for summer break. By the way I have two kids ages 8 and 6 years old.


I have an appointment with Dr. Cox next week. I look forward to seeing your results and experience. Please keep us updated
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I'm having a tt in Florida June 9. Good luck to you!! :)
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I see u live in Panama City. I was just there all last week on vacation. It's so nice out there. But can u believe it's truly happening next month. Like omg. Its a Lil surreal. I wish u the best too

pre op this week--5/21/14

Not too sure what to expect during this pre op but I do expect closure. I felt a tab bit rushed during consultation even though all my questions were answered. After I left, I wanted to know how do I take care of myself, what I need to purchase, can I get my prescriptions before surgery day? But then again that is all questions I'm sure they would explain during pre op. So far, I know I am purchasing bio oil and a garment for my belly regardless if they provide one or not. There are some other creams I saw some girls been using on here but when I review the product, I get discouraged by reading the bad reviews. So far, bio oil has a lot of "stars" no matter what website I go to. So yesterday my daughter was getting her hair done and a random man there ask if that is my daughter. Then he said, "oh and you having another one?" He said it in a wow voice like I'm not old enough to have any more kids. I am 26 years and my youngest child is 6. Like really? But more wow than that is he was referring to my perturbing belly. Did I not mentioned that this happened yesterday? I haven't weighed myself in awhile because I gave up but will get back to the exercise/eating right thing after my tummy tuck. The day before surgery I get on the scale and more pictures.

I also decided or looking into getting my bbl March 2015. Right now I am looking into Vanity in Miami but the horrible reviews has got me on edge a bit. Yet their prices are perfect from what I was quoted: $3500 although, I am sure the prices would increase due to demand by 2015. I'm just hoping another doctor in my area would learn how to do great bbls so I wouldn't waste too much money on hotel expenses.

By the way I called to change my pre op day to Wednesday instead of Tuesday because of how my work schedule ended up being this week.


I have my TT the same day! Good luck and can't wait to see after pics.
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We gonna be super fine! Can't wait to show our bellies off
Oh that is great. How did it go and what are u getting done

pre op review

I was greeted by one of the front desks clerks. After I signed in I was brought to the financial lady, I never seen her before though, she was nice. I signed two sheets: one stating the doctor's fee, the other stating the facility's fee. She asked how I am I paying. After the payment process was over, I was told to sit in the waiting room where I was brought a stack of paperwork that basically went over what to expect after a tummy tuck. After reading and initially all paperwork, I was brought to the back to speak to Dr Cox's nurse. She gave me a folder which were copies of the papers I had initialed in the waiting area. In the folder it had my post op appointment which is a week from my surgery. She asked who would be accompanying me on that day. She stated I will have a binder around my belly, and I can shower on the third day. So all bandages will stay put until then. I will be hunch over so I more than likely will need to sleep in a recliner. Any questions?

Before I can ask any questions, she said "oh did they give you the paperwork to get your blood work done?" "Ok let me go get that." Then she was out the door. When she came back to let me out, I stopped and asked her about bandages and how do I take care of any leaks. She said I would have a binder and I can just use pads to stop any leakage. I guess I get the remaining inside info from post op tummy tuck reviews on here.


Okay where did you go. You haven't been on real self forum. Come back let us know what your doing up till the big day. Same day we stand together
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Wow Nikki , we will be going into surgery on the same day.:) i am looking forward to seeing me, you and Dr7423 results. Hats off to the new us coming next week baby.
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I am glad that we all would have the same post op days. We could be each other support team and suggest different things that is working throughout our post op days. I would definitely keep checking on you two's statuses even if I don't take the time to update my review.


So I purchased scar away sheets (8 sheets) $17.99, 2 abdominal binders (well one is too small as of now) $10 each from amazon, miralax (14 once) $9.48, bio oil (6.7 fluid oz) $20, gauze pads (25 pads) $4, neosporin ointment $5, centrum multivitamins (120 tablets) $17...okay I stopped taking these. There was this fishy odor from my vagina. The smell was unbearable. Then I started thinking back to when I smelled something that awful before, it was when I was taking these weight loss pills. That same smell! So any way I started to do a little investigating. After I stopped taking the vitamins, about a day or so later the smell disappeared. Then I took them again a few days later, then the smell came back at full force. WTF. The smell was coming from my natural vaginal discharge. Yuck. So of course I stopped taking them and the smell went away again. Hmmm...I know I'm not going crazy here.


I get notifications in my email through my phone when someone comments on my review. I just keep saying, I will respond when I get to a computer. Well this comment of yours made me say "ok nikki, get it together and get out your feelings and be social." I woke up with a mission, get to a computer and type. Thanks for checking on me luv. I'm okay though. I'm just ready for the day to come.
I'm anxiously waiting to see your results and it will help me to officially schedule my appt date..appreciate the updates
No problem, I will update more when the day comes. Friday I will call to find out what time it's for

beautiful pre op pics


I'm here in br if u need anything
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Aww thanks a lot. I really appreciate u.
No problem. Cox will take great care of you. I'll try uploading pics if my friends before n after tt. I'm not sure how to work this site just yet.

some pics didn't post


Congrats. ..keep us posted. Prayers up
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last day at work

So I was told to call the Friday before the surgery to find out the time of sx. Um I forgot. By the time I remembered, they were closed. So I am definitely going to have to call Monday. I'm still unsure of whose going to bring me to surgery though. My boyfriend and I planned he would take me since the day I booked it. But my mom, her husband, and my daughter insist they will be there. Only problem is only 2 people allowed in the waiting area. So um it basically balls down to the surgery time. Cuz my step dad has to be at work 12 noon that day. Anyway I'm at work now, last day. I'm excited to be leaving this place. I love my job and co-workers but I hate the self pay patients that don't pay their bills. I'm basically a medical bill collector. I'm taking exactly 12 days off from work. Some co-workers are happy for me and can't wait to see the results, others straight up said I don't need that and is wasting my money. It's funny that the people who disagree with me getting it are the same people that actually need a tummy tuck themselves. Till next time....


You're getting close!!! :)
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Yes my stomach is starting to crawl to my throat. I think I'm going puke from nervousness
Thanks a lot. I see your day is literally right around the corner. We finally have the chance to have bellies that we are proud of showing

I feel like I'm missing something

My plan is to sleep in the recliner. I have a small house so not sure what I need to have next to me. So far I have my blankets and meds. I think that's it right? My mom off from work this week so will be assisting me with my recovery. Surgery is at 11:30am. See y'all on the other side.


Aww I'm probably more excited than you are..I'll be praying for you and I know God will take care of you
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Thank you so much. It really satisfies me to know someone out there is wishing me the best. God is awesome...it's in his hands now

5 more hours

Well my mother, daughter, and bf will be bringing me to surgery. I have to be there by 10:30


Congrats, n prayers with u!! already claiming good results
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Thank u so much. Right now I'm in the waiting area ready to be called to the back
Well best wishes. Can't wait to see your banging after photos

in so much pain

If I don't move then I'm fine. Everyone is making me take a few steps and eat. I don't feel like doing either. Every time I get up I feel like I'm snagging the drains. Can't wait to take this binder off in a few days to see my results.

It was storming outside today. I drove to the facility with everyone in the car because I knew the way. I signed in then went straight to bathroom. I heard the front desk lady calling my name. When I came out she said I wasn't suppose to potty because they need to give me a pregnancy test. So they brought me to the back and started an iv with fluids. The operating room nurse was super nice explaining to my mother what to expect. Dr Cox came and marked me up. I was happy with that cuz he was taking a good portion off. I got up to give them pee sample then was greeted by the person that watch u while u sleep. I don't know how to spell it. The nurse came and walked me to the operating room. That was the scary part. I wanted to walk back out. That man put something in my iv that made my hand and veins burn. That was all I could remember. I woke up to a bunch ladies talking loudly. They were the nurses. They have me a cracker then a pill. Then I was helped to my car. The pain is unbearable!!!! I am stuck in one position cuz it hurts to move anything else.


YAY...u did it....Happy Healing...keep us posted....I go July 3rd....and I am nervous....
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Congrats u made it! Babe , I no how u feel ..just rest up and relax!!
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I'm sorry you are so uncomfortable :( hang in there.. It will all be worth it in the end
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1 day post op

Dr cox called to check on me this morning. I told him how one drain isn't draining. He said it's normal as long as one is.


Congrats!!!!!!!! I pray your recovery be fast and less discomfort.
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Thank u so much. I'm starting to walk a lil bit more so that is always a good thing
Good to see u standing and moving around...take it slow and one day at a time..I noticed that ur wearing stockings did u purchased the circulation stockings? or did they provide it? it will help to prevent blood clots... Did he do any lipo for contouring? You're looking slimmer and everyday will get better and better... I know that I want to have my surgery by mid July before the kids start school in August... I appreciate the updates and your experience of this journey...
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post op pics


Hey, Nikki. Yes, our surgeries were back to back. Keep moving around. Don't overdue it. I've had 3 c-sections (the most recent being 4/13/13) and my gallbladder removed through my belly button (the old one). I know everyone heals differently but this all feels like what my c-section felt like. If anything, this recovery is much better than my last c-section. I was barely able to walk after having my last child. Right now, I wanna know from my doc can i go back to the gym this weekend? gotta keep up the work i put in before. Nikki, i will have pics from tomorrow's doc visit posted.
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To the gym?! I thought you shouldn't exercise for a good 6 weeks although I have read some reviews were women hit the treadmill at just 9 days post op. Very brave. I'm just sore but managed yesterday to get out my chair without help. I found out that we actually use our stomach muscles a lot more than I imagined cuz it's still painful. It also hurts to potty cuz I'm using the same muscles. But yes a lot women compare this experience to c sections but I never had that so it's all a new experience for me.
OMG...it looks amazing and only 2 days post op ...I'm happy for you and soon to be me
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tape/gauze coming off incision

Well only the edges of the gauze is coming off incision so I can see my line quite a bit. I must say I am very pleased. I was a lil scared of this part because the pre and post op pics I saw of Dr Cox work had incision lines that were too high up in my opinion. Mines is pretty low. It looks thin. I didn't tear the rest of the tape/gauze cuz I'm sure it should fall off on its own. The part I saw looks closed and healed but after just 3 days I'm sure it's not. I been taking my Tylenol for pain. It works a lot better than that Percocet although I still take that too but not as often. I'm getting up on my own now. Plus I slept in my own bed last night. I was propped up a lot though. I been taking miralax but nothing yet. I'm super swollen but once that goes down along with the removal of drains, I am going to be unstoppable. I forgot to ask if I should apply anything to incision. My mom said to wait till I see him Wednesday to ask that. I been sweating under this binder so it's a tab bit itchy at times. I have huge cotton gauze under the binder. I took my first shower yesterday. It was hard cuz of the drains kept falling from around my neck. I even emptied my drains by myself today. I haven't saw my belly button yet. I really don't want to freak out. I actually liked my old one so no telling what this one will look like.


Hey Nikki my husband and I went out to a movie and dinner so that we can enjoy quality time before the big day. I think the sterile strip tape should fall off on its own. Glad to hear that you're gaining your independence back a little. Did dr cox's nurse give post op care instructions?
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3 day post op pics


I definitely will follow this post. I'm in New Orleans and I had no idea there was someone close by who did work. It looks great. Please post more!!!!
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Thanks. I will definitely update on how I'm suffering oops I mean how I'm recovering later on today. I want someone to take full body pics of me though so I'm still waiting for someone to come by.
Okay!!! Hope it all goes well. Make sure you use gloves. I saw a girl who had surgery by Dr. Curves in Atl & had to get a chunk of her abdomen remove so I'm nervous af!!!!

super swollen in all pics


Girl you look great!! Happy healing and hope everything is going well
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Thanks a lot! I'm getting these drains out Wednesday so I can finally model real clothes for ya'll. Lol
Thank you got your comment. Happy healing and you look great. God bless
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post op doc visit

Dr cox spent almost 60 seconds with me. His nurse called me upon 5 minutes of arrival. I was instructed to take off everything. The doctor greeted me then started examining the incisions. He then reminded me that the big upper part of my belly would remain because that's just how my body is made. He asked how was my week then had one foot out the door. My bf stopped him and asked how long am i to wear the binder. He said two weeks. I asked when can i put creams on my incision. He said two weeks. Then he left. Nurse took out my drains. All she did was pull them out and put gauze on it saying that it may still leak. I was given my six week appointment. Um that's it.

Im very happy to get those darn drains out. I don't believe i will be going to the six week appointment though. Its a two hour drive and there is nothing he can tell differently about the tummy tuck. I don't want to waste more gas money on a less than sixty second doctor visit.

When i got home i couldn't wait to try on some of my clothes. I even tried on those jeans i had on for my pre op pic but i couldn't zip nor button them. It hurts too bad. I think I'm still swollen. I was 167 lbs the day surgery. Now I'm 162 lbs with garment on.


Omg you look so good! Question did you have lipo on your back flanks?
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additional pics


I'm sorry you post op appt went the way it did :( But how are you feeling as far as healing goes?
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The binder is really crushing my ribs therefore I haven't wore it in a good 36 hours. As a result, I'm in pain and walking kind of hunched. My sides are burning from the binder. My belly is swollen. I just want to feel normal so I can start the gym thing. Thanks for asking though
You look great. Thank you for sharing your journey.
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garments are killing me

So i haven't worn a garment in about two days. That is mainly because my ribs feel cruhed. Plus it leaves purple and red invisible bruises. They are invisible because i can't see them but I sure do feel like they are there. I have noticed I'm hunched over a lot more. It's like my progress went backwards. Today i went to two stores to try on garments. It might just be in my mind but i really think garments help my posture. I was exhausted but determined to go home with a garment because I'm afraid the swelling will increase to the max and might not go down. I ended up purchasing a $79 spanx garment. Definitely not happy with that because i wanted something similar but cheaper yet the other ones really hurt. I have 3 binders now but they are irritating. One is too small (online purchase) and the others won't stay in place. They rise/ball up and irritating my incision even though i have gauge taped around the incision.

I went garment shopping with my six year old daughter. She basically carried things for me cuz im still a lil hunched. After trying on a few garments she said "that's enough mommy they giving you more pain." I responded "beauty is pain." I know i had no business telling that to her and hopes it doesn't stick but my lil baby seen my struggle.

I been having the spanx on for about an hour now and i hate it already. I want to breath. Lol


You look great so far so hang in there! I'm not looking forward to the garments either! But I know I should've worn the one I received after my pregnancies and maybe I wouldn't be so bad off. I used to be a distributor for Ardyss (bodymagic) and that taught me that there are results in being a bit uncomfortable! Eventually, once I'm out of the garment my PS gives, I will get back in one of those! Anyways, wishing u continued great results!
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Thank you so much for the encouragement. I remember having a garment after my first pregnancy but i was busy in being a mom i forgot to wear it then i said i would just work it off...big mistake
You look great. I feel you on the binder. Another lady on her went to Walmart and brought a wrist trimmer by gold gym. It holds you in place. Happy healing
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2 week post op

My first day back to work is Thursday, june 26th. I contacted my supervisor last week and requested to use all my vacation time. She didn't seem too happy but o well. It is what it is. Ladies i suggest u take at least two weeks off from work. Try for three weeks if its possible. I had to find out what works for me first. I am finally able to hop out the bed and do just about anything except give hugs. I don't like for anyone to wrap themselves around me yet. Its still tender. I already expressed my eagerness to get my bbl now. My bf says hell no and he don't want to go through the recovery again. Gotta work on convincing him more cuz i seriously need him to pay for it. But im all out of vacation time lol


You look great! Time will also improve the swelling, we just have to be patient. I'm so glad I had this done too! Will you be using the same doctor for your BBL? The other procedure I want done next spring is a breast lift. Good healing wishes coming your way!
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Unfortunately I don't think there are any recordable doctors in Louisiana that does bbls. Just cuz they say they can, they gotta back it up with experience and pics. Therefore I'm still in limbo on whose doing my bbl. So far I been focusing on researching docs in Florida. Btw u also look terrific
You must have been reading my mind...i was hoping to see to more pics. It was worth the wait. You look great. I'm glad that you are able to have more time off from work to recover. I am a stay at home mom. I quit my job about a year ago and I know how difficult it can be with dealing with a boss and jealous co-workers.
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post op vent mode

Within 3 weeks i used the entire tube of arnicare gel. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I still felt muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling 20 minutes after applying it. Those are all the symptoms it claims to give relief to. The pineapple juice was also a fail. In fact it was listed as a remedy for swelling on nearly every remedy website i looked at. But it didn't do anything for me. I really think our bodies just need to go through its natural healing process.

I did a slow jog for one mile on my 19th day post op. Big mistake. I had to pop a pain pill the next day. My belly felt like it was going to pop open. My legs and arms felt sore for 3 days. i really wanted that workout but it's obviously too soon to be moving like that. So im going to try again in August. To the ladies that haven't got the procedure, i suggest lipo with it. My doctor was only charging $750 extra for lipo. He was going to lipo the flanks. I felt i didn't need it. Plus i read there is more swelling with lipo and tummy tuck combined. Also i was trying to save money. Now i regret it cuz my flanks looks super wide. Now he's charging $3k to lipo flanks. It was a major discount with the tummy tuck. Now i don't know about paying no $3k for lipo. I was looking for a med spa that can do it for about 1/2 price. Of course i can't find any in my state. I might just wait it out till i get my bbl. Still hoping for next year but ya just never know. My results are still better than what i looked like before. Yet i saw women bigger than me with rib popping results. I know they had lipo though.


Tomorrow I go for pre op... dr cox did not mention lipo but I will ask if he thinks that I need it. Swelling looks as if it subsiding on you.
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Actually I remember bringing lipo up to him in my pre op. Then he said sure I can lipo your flanks. So today I went down memory lane to view my pre op pics. At first I thought I had too many pics but now I see it's not enough. Definitely happier to deal with my new belly issues than the last belly issues. Please let me know how your pre op goes. What time is it for
My appt was for 1:00 and he recommend lipo of the upper truck... Luckily I was prepared to pay for lipo... Next week I have appt with primary care for blood work.

still happy

I look the same from the last pics I posted. I can tell I'm still not all that healed just from the hand pressure I apply to my belly to see if I'm ready for strenuous exercise. Its still tender to the touch. I still feel the need to wear garments because without it I feel bloated and holding my belly like it's a baby in there. It's still somewhat painful without the garment. If you get the surgery, you would know exactly what I'm talking about.

My bf aunt asked if I can find out how much they charge to do the arm. I asked her what she want done to the arm but she just fell silent so now I assume it's lipo. I called the office today and they say starting price is $3k. I also took it upon myself to ask if they do bbls and which doctor does them. She said Dr Cox and Dr Dean do then for $5500. I asked if they have pics in the office that I can see of their work. She said she wasn't sure. My post op appt is July 30th with Dr Cox so I'm thinking about going to it to ask him about the bbl and request some pics. If he don't have pics then it's a no go. I'm also a lil concern about this small ball like feeling on my incision line. Its located right at the line of my pubic area. It feels like an enlarged lymp node. It's probably nothing though. I know it more than likely have something to do with my underwear rubbing against the incision line. Its also painful when it's pressed. Then again this might be a question for my primary physician.

P.s. I wanted to add pics but I can't find my old phone. This new one won't let me upload pics unless I go through another channel I never used.


Did the tape on your incision dissolve? Or did it peel off? I'm 2 week post op
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I was told to take a shower on the third day so that is when it got soaked and a small portion started to come off. By my 3rd shower and 6 day post op the tape like gauze was mainly gone. Although I would say there was one small piece still hanging along so I pulled it off and I remember a good bit of bleeding. So definitely don't force it. I been following your updates on your page and smh at the office. The volume is too huge for one doctor to handle. I really love your results. I showed your pics to my bf and he is definitely feeling the bbl. I have gotten more answers from my realself family than my own surgeon so keep doing what you doing
OK thanks for the info, I just took my first shower a few days ago. I try not to get it wet, but that's impossible, Lol. I see a few areas where the tape looks like its lifting, but I will leave it alone. Yeah Dr Jimerson's office customer service sucks! I have left 6 messages since Tuesday and I still haven't received a call. Thank goodness for this real self site. I get most of my questions answered on here :)

i look like my pre op now

I started working out Monday July 21st. Um i wonder if that was still too early. Yet i know 3 ladies that had surgeries on the same day as mines and they working out and looks good i might add. Im having the blues. Don't like the way i lok anymore. It has nothing to do with the scar. I just hate the bulginess.


Truthfully I do not think that you look like your pre op photos. I can for sure see an improvement. =) First off remember that you are only 4 weeks po, at 8 weeks you'll have a better idea, then at 12 weeks even better and at 6 months you should be close to your final result. And no surgery just can't take the place of exercise. =( But remember how great exercise makes you look and feel all over, not to mention the great health benefits! Stay positive and try not to judge yourself. I bet that your new body and positive attitude are going to respond like never before. =)
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I must say that u look great!! Thanks a lot for those positive words. I was thinking about skipping the future lipo procedure I planned and just join a gym and possibly higher a trainer. I think it'll come out cheaper
Prayers. ..just give it some time we all heal differently. I'm going through the same emotions.
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post op appointment today

And guess what...i didn't go.i kind of figured it was nothing he could really tell me that i don't already know by this stage. Because he spent less than 60 seconds in room for my one week post op, I'm know this appointment would be a no brainer. Plus the office is 2 hrs away from me. 4 hours of driving plus about a 1/2 of gas tank down...well u get my driff. Instead i spend some of my day calling around for gym membership prices. Almost all wants some sort of long term commitment. I know me so i gotta be smart about this. Long story short, i remember my sis in law telling about this new state of the gymnasium about the university i attended. Because I'm an alumni I'm grandfathered in to get membership. I went today and it is huge. Something that looks like out of a magazine. One year membership for FREE! Plus their are small classes that goes on throughout the day: yoga, zumba, weight strengthing etc...and all free. Im going to start working out tomorrow. Oh its on now. Plus im going to go to two classes tomorrow. In a month i will post my 3 month post op and 1 month of workout. Hopefully u all can see a difference. By the way I'm 7 weeks post op. I read a review of a lady that said she's happy she got her surgery cuz now she can get to her core muscles easier and starting with a better foundation. I agree with her completely. Now its time for me to do my part cuz without a tummy tuck i would be too disgusted to even walk in the gym.


I consulted with Dr. Cox recently to do my tummy tuck with lipo and a breast lift with a small implant. I have lost a lot of weight (120 pounds) through diet and exercise and my skin is just so stretched out. I am so nervous and scared, but so excited at the same time. Overall were you happy with Dr. Cox and your results? I so want to do the surgeries, but I am so nervous!
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Thanks for reaching out. Overall I am satisfied with the surgery. I'm assuming u have all skin and barely any fat therefore your tummy tuck will look awesome. I think the biggest misconception is that it's used for weight loss which results in disappointment.
It is skin... Lot of it...a butt in the front....LOL! I am 5'3'' and weigh 140. I am in size 4, but I do ultimately want to get down to about 120. Dr. Cox said he'd probably take off 5-8 pounds of skin so I do have a few pounds I need to lose. I asked Dr. Cox if I should wait until I lose about 10 more pounds before I have the surgery and he told me no because it wasn't enough to make a difference with my results. I am just so scared. I am also doing the lipo on my flank area. My boobs are ridiculous as well right now too... they have shrunk and are saggy due to how big they had gotten when I had the crazy weight gain. He said I would have to have a breast lift and a small 150 cc implant. Total time in surgery is approximately 3 hours. I am so scared of possible complications after. I am the mother of 2 young children, so it makes me so nervous. Did you feel like this before?
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Well he got the job done!!! My body looks great now and I'm super happy with my results. Dr Cox has many years of experience therefore he will get u right. I rated the way I did because that is my experience. He lacks bedside manner, I felt rushed each time I saw him, I wasn't told much of anything about after care. I just read the reviews on here and used trial and error to see what works. He seems a tab bit busy so maybe that is why my experience went the way it did. But I would recommend him because the price is the best in Louisiana and the results are amazing!!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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